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Creating an extraordinary WordPress website isn’t a difficult task anymore. With a bit of programming knowledge and an understanding of how websites are developed, anyone can create WordPress websites within a few minutes.

However, optimizing a website is a time-taking and hectic task. Moreover, it also requires consistent efforts to optimize websites to achieve better ranking and provide a great user experience.

Usually, you would have seen that most people struggle to optimize websites. It happens because of two main reasons. First, website owners or admins don’t know the best strategies to optimize website content. Second, they are unaware of the tools to make the entire process easier and quicker.

However, an online platform, SmallSEOTools, can help you perfectly optimize your website and improve user experience.

How SmallSEOTools can help you to optimize your website?

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This online platform is full of SEO, designing, writing, and other tools to help web owners achieve a great ranking on SERPs.

Let’s discover what tools this platform offers website owners to optimize their websites!

Plagiarism Checker


Textual content is an important component of every website. Textual content helps websites in many ways. For example, it improves the visibility of websites, helps website owners get better rankings at SERPs, and enhances their SEO score. That’s why content is often known as the king of this world.

However, not all types of content are useful for websites. If content can provide a lot of benefits to websites, it also can ruin them, especially duplicate or plagiarized content. Google doesn’t rank websites with duplicate content, and if the website owners continuously publish plagiarized content, it can put them on the blacklist.

You must avoid publishing plagiarized content if you don’t want to ruin your website and its credibility.

Therefore, it should be unique with no plagiarism instances. For that purpose, you need to perform a plagiarism check on your content using the plagiarism checker of SmallSEOTools. This plagiarism checker is considered one of the best in the digital world. Due to its unique and advanced algorithms and extensive database, it perfectly finds every plagiarism instance in the text.

Once it completes the plagiarism check process, it guides users about the plagiarism instances and shows the matched sources. Using this data, you make your text 100% unique and optimize your website according to Google’s content policies.

However, I suggest you use multiple tools when it comes to plagiarism checking. You should not rely only on one plagiarism checker because sometimes a particular tool may fail to detect AI content. So here I want to introduce another great plagiarism checker which is very powerful when it comes to detecting fluffy AI content & plagiarism.

Reverse Image Search

Image search

Images are essential to every website, whether it is a business website, blogging site, or portfolio. They help websites to become more appealing and also enhance their visibility.

However, designing or finding unique images is a complicated task that sometimes annoys web admins.

Moreover, after some time, people get short of image ideas, and they don’t know what type of images they should create and upload on the websites.

If you are having trouble finding unique pictures or getting short of image ideas, don’t worry. The reverse image search facility of SmallSEOTools can assist you with it.

Many website owners use this photo search facility to find unique and royalty-free images for their websites.

For that purpose, they only need to upload a sample image to this photo finder. Once the image is uploaded, it processes it, analyzes its key elements, and fetches the most similar images. Analyze the results, and you will find most of them are useful to you, and you can use those images without worrying about copyright strikes.

Image Compressor

image compressed, image size reduced

Only finding unique and attractive images isn’t enough for you. To flawlessly utilize every image, you also need to optimize their file sizes. Photos with heavy file sizes always increase the loading time and affect website speed. In short, they ruin the user experience and enhance the bounce rate.

To provide a great user experience and optimize your website’s speed, you must always compress images before uploading.

However, you must maintain the image quality while compressing images. If you compromise on image quality, you may not be able to get their benefits. That’s where the online image compressor of SmallSEOTools can come in handy.

This photo compressor reduces image file sizes and keeps their actual quality intact. Therefore, you won’t be able to find any quality differences between the real and compressed pictures.

SmallSEOTools’ image compressor provides its users with a lossless image compression facility to help them perfectly optimize their images.

Moreover, it also supports various image file formats. So, no matter whether your pictures are in JPEG, PNG, or any other format, this tool is always helpful to you.

Keyword Rank Checker

Business tracking, statistics

Apart from content creation and optimization, you also need to find out the ranking of your keywords in SERPs. For example, if you have a blogging website where you write content on different topics, you need to know where your content ranks in SERPs. It can help you understand whether your SEO strategies are working or not.

To find out your keywords’ position, you have different online tools, but most of them are subscription based.

However, SmallSEOTools’ free keyword rank checker is an excellent option for you.

It will help you know where your keywords stand without disturbing your budget. Moreover, it also provides you with the facility to check your keywords in different locations. For example, you can select your targeted country and get its details. It also provides data about search volume and the number of search results.

The most significant benefit of this keyword position tool is that you can check multiple keywords simultaneously. Plus, you can also check where your competitors stand in different locations. It also allows you to search as many times as you want. You won’t face any limitation issues while using this keyword rank checker.


SmallSEOTools is an excellent platform for all those who want to optimize their WordPress website. This platform always uses modern-day technologies to provide more precise results to its visitors and help them get whatever they want.

Moreover, it has a massive range of online tools that website owners need. From finding keywords to checking their ranking, creating content, and optimizing it, you will find a lot of tools on this website.

On top of everything, all of the tools available on this website are free for everyone. You don’t need to pay anything to use any of the tools.