Web Browsers

Web browsers have become a versatile source for work. It can answer your questions, you can do shopping, video-chatting, and many more things. So, most people use it for a lot of purposes. But not all people know about reputable & phishing/bad browsers. In this post, you are going to know what those are and the name of the most reputable web browsers.

Most people know it as the internet browser. But from a technical point of view, these are installable software & programmed in such a way that gives the ability to interact with the web. And it allows you to browse the internet such as websites, online stores, news portals, etc.

For example- currently, you’re browsing/reading this article/post using a web browser. And this is what a web browser helps with.

You can search or browse for anything you want in a web browser. It helps you to navigate through different websites, just like you shop in a mall.

Different examples of web browsers

Access to web browsers is very important in today’s scenario. That’s why all PCs, tablets, smartphones come with an internet connection and a web browser. Below are the various types of web browsers that you can use for browsing.

Google Chrome

It is one of the hugely popular web browsers and has a market share of 67.56% globally. It is popular because it works fast for browsing, and you can manage everything with a personal Google account. This makes it a very convenient browser for people. It is easy to make modifications and customization in it. It also has many extensions.


Apple devices like Macs, iPads, and iPhones have Safari as their default web browser. Safari is very popular in the US. Computers are very different to work on compared to mobile devices, but Safari has the same experience with all Apple devices.

Microsoft Edge

Earlier known as the Internet Explorer, the new web browser by Microsoft is Microsoft Edge. This browser is the standard web browser of any device that has a Windows operating system.

Edge was built on the platform of Chromium browser, which supports Chrome and various other browsers too.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is another popular web browser in the US. It has succeeded Netscape Navigator, which was also a successful browser. But its market share has recently gone down of Chrome and Safari. Though having a small customer base, it still gives top-class browsing features like Chrome.

The reason for the sustainability of Firefox in the market is that it works on open-source software and provides handy tools. This allows engineers and web experts to debug the websites for finding errors.

Features of web browsers

Web browsers generally have the following features:

Is privacy in web browsers are important?

Now you know that what are web browsers, you must maintain your privacy in a web browser. It is necessary to secure your web browser to protect your data from invasions and hackers. Always manage your cookie settings and download antivirus software to protect sensitive data from hacking.

Not to mention, all the web browsers do not have the same level of security, privacy & comfort. And even, there are some web browsers that are phishing. Those phishing/bad browsers may steal your information or inject malware. And even those phishing browsers can install & activate unwanted/bad extensions without your permission.

In conclusion

A browser is an easy way of getting information and interacting with the whole world. As a result, it has significant contributions to converting the world into a global village. At the same time, it causes a lot of vulnerabilities, especially for the non-tech-savvy. But if you choose a good & reputable web browser and use the internet with precautions, there are no vulnerabilities for you.