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Don't make your website suspicious in Google's eyes

Websites are Google-driven businesses (mostly). Also, other search engines treat your website the same way as Google does.

Many website owners are eagerly seeking ways to build links (from external sites). It's generally known as backlinks. But this is not the best way to increase your domain authority (DA/DR).

Backlinks are important but it's one of many ranking factors (approximately 200 factors). Google has specifications about link building.

If you buy links to manipulate the search algorithm, it will negatively impact your site (today or tomorrow).

Google's search algorithm getting smarter enough to spot those unnatural links. Moreover, if you buy PBN (private blog network) links, they will ruin your site. Even your website may receive a penalty.

So if you planned to do business with a long-term vision, improve your site wisely and in the right direction.

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How do I help to optimize your website for search engines?

When prospects reach out to me, I check for many things on their website. And depending on the website status, content, current ranking, etc, I make a plan.

SEO is not an overnight game plan. It takes time to put in place all the necessary strategies. And it also takes time to take effect.

During the last eight years, I came through many trials and errors. Thus why I learned many things from all my failures. End of the day, I came up with a blueprint that works.

However, it does not mean that I apply the exact same strategies to all websites. The strategies will be applied where I found gaps and where necessary.

As a result, the cost of SEO depends from site to site. But if you wish to accomplish certain things, I can also help.

How I build links (backlinks)

I discussed the demerits of buying links and manipulating algorithms. Now the question is how I build links.

As I mentioned earlier, backlinks are important. Also, it has a vital effect on ranking. So you definitely need links.

But it should be on proper time & there should be valid reasons for linking to you. For example, you published an article on Sunday and got 50 backlinks on Wednesday. Does it look natural or fair?

I don't know about you but in my eyes it's suspicious. Of course, there are some exceptions for popular sites that already have huge visitors.

Anyways, I build links naturally and it's passive. I create content that attracts links. To be more specific, I create infographics, charts, tables, and other assets that get links. It's totally risk-free and increases your domain authority slowly but steadily.

Last but not least, as a web developer I have connections with other publishers and SEO experts. So I can outreach to the appropriate people.

Why hire me instead of a large SEO agency?

I started as a solo entrepreneur and now have a small team. But why hire me when there are many large SEO agencies & companies?

Before explaining the reason, let me tell you the background history of those agencies.

Generally, an agency has more than one hundred orders in the pipeline/queue. Most of those agencies became renowned by a single person. I can name many of them. And website owners like you place orders only for the sake of the popularity of that person.

But do you think that the person handles all the orders alone? Of course not. They have employees and even they outsource many people.

The gist word is the actual work done by people whom you don't know. In the same vein, I also had the opportunity to work for other agencies and SEO experts. That's why I know what those agencies do and what it takes to push a website to the next level.

So if you hire me, you'll get a similar value as the large SEO agency. Moreover, you'll get the service at a very reduced price compared to those companies.

Consistent support

After you get a service for the first time, you'll need more support along the way.

You'll have my personal contacts so you can reach out by email, phone, Skype, etc. Also, you don't have to wait for long.

Quality backlinks

All links are not equal. Sometimes one single link can carry more weight than hundred other links. It needs relevancy, authority, etc. A link from a gardening website to a gaming blog will not carry enough weight/value.

When aiming to link building, I will focus on quality instead of random quantity.

Increase traffic

After you build an awesome website, if no one visits it, you won't be able to generate revenue. The sole purpose of SEO is to increase traffic organically.

Get help from an expert hand who has a proven track record of optimizing websites for search engines.


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I & my team will take care of your website, from content creation to development and everything in between. So you can spend more time on your business instead of technical aspects.

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