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Web design, development & SEO

I create high-quality websites that make an impact on your business.

A bad website will cause you to waste money on other marketing methods.

There are over 1.5 billion websites around the globe but most of them actually failed. 94.3% of new websites get zero traffic. It's because they just don't have the key pieces of information inline before they get started.

But if you hire me to build your website, I will give you those pieces of information. And help you to create a successful website for your business.

Your website is the core of your online marketing activities. But a bad website will cause you to waste money on other marketing methods. However, if you choose to work with me, I'll try hard to ensure your ROI on the project as I did for other clients.

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The service & solution

Of course, I'm not a guru on everything. I have a professional team that works on content, graphic design, Marketing, and SEO. I work as a Full Stack Developer.

code icon Web Design & Development

This is the thing I handle myself and started my career with this website design & development service. I create website based on content & your business niche. I develop custom web-functionalites depending on your unique need & based on my capabilities. As of September 2020, already built more than one hundred successfull websites.

code icon SEO

This is the final step I/we do before delivering a website. Finding your business or your website in Google was never been easy. Same thing is also true for other major search engines. From content creation to sitemap submission, we do all the heavy lifting for you. And of course it's not one time process and you will not get the result immediately. But your website will be more findable in search gradually. Also you have to keep maintaining the website on a regular basis to get most out of it.

code icon Content Writing

Generally I don't use placeholder text while designing & developing a website. This is just because of the success of your business & success of your website. I will create the look & feel of your website based on your business niche & based on the content. Publishing a website with dummy/placeholder text is a nightmare and this is the first big mistake made by many of the website owners. If you don't have the text content for your website, my professional team will do it for you.

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How it works- Three simple steps

During the last five years, I noticed that I've to ask many similar questions to most of my clients; over & over! It's not a bad thing but it's time-consuming for both of us. Lack of availability, time zone difference, not able to think/answer properly upfront,.. the list goes on. So I created a super valuable questionnaire for you.

So if you want me to design & develop an effective website, please follow these simple steps:

Answer to my questions

Before I start building your website, I must have to ask you few questions. These questions will allow me to gather the necessary information to complete your order.

Please download the questionnaire (word file), write your answer underneath each question, and finally send it back to

Make the payment

Once I know everything about your requirements, I will send you a quote. The quote will also include all the scope of work, time to complete, etc.

If you are a first-time buyer and if it is a large project, you can make the payment in 3 separate milestones (installments). The installments are accordingly 40%, 40%, and 20%.

Get your website ready

Once you confirm the order and made the first installment (40%), I will start building your website.

Once I complete the setup of the development environment, I will ask you to make the payment for 2nd installment (another 40%). Then I will complete the whole work and ask you to check everything on your website.

Once you are fully satisfied with the website, I will ask you to place the final installment (20%).

Escrow protection & money back guarantee -no questions asked

Escrow is a financial contract where buyer's fund is holded by a third party company and releases the fund to the seller only when buyer approves seller's work OR all the work has been done as per agreement. See more about escrow »

If this is your first attempt working with us or if you are thinking about making a deal, you can make the payment via escrow platform.

I offer you a Money Back Guarantee with No Questions Asked. If you can say that you're not happy with my work, I'll refund your money with no questions asked. This is just the level of my confidence!

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Online tools that I created. You can use them for free. I took accessibility into consideration while creating these tools. And these tools can be used by disabled persons & screen readers.

User & secure shelled icon

Username generator

This tool will help you to generate username ideas based on your input. I restricted awkward characters in this tool. So most of the sites will accept these generated usernames.

Password locked/encrypted icon

Strong password generator

This tool will generate very strong passwords for you. Once a password is generated, it's gone forever. You also have the option to increase or decrease (not less than 15 characters) the length.

Typing on a laptop, sowing numbers

Keystroke counter

This is a simple keystroke counting tool. Sometimes it's known as a keyboard counter. Once you start typing, it will start to count every keystroke on the fly (except for the "Tab" key).

Countdown timer icon


It's a countdown timer that starts counting from 30 minutes to 0. This timer starts to play as soon as you open it. However, there is an option to reset it again. Also, have the option to enable/disable sound.

Learn web development

CSS icon

Learn CSS

Throughout the years, I wrote a lot on CSS. After 3 years, I organized selected content and learning materials. It will take you from the very basics and give you a rock-solid concept of CSS.

clean expressive complex ideas, a guy working on laptop, infographic

Build real projects

After you learned HTML & CSS, it's time to make your hands dirty and build some real projects. This course includes lots of HTML CSS projects. Each project contains a live preview & source code.

Git icon

Learn Git

Git makes the difference between a developer & a good developer. It's the most popular version control system which keeps track of the changes to your projects. This course will take you from the very basic to the advanced level.