This is just not about the website design but also a complete setup of your law firm's online presence. We do the following for any law firm or attorney's websites:

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Why hire us for your law firm website design

We created 100+ successful websites and that's why we know what works & which doesn't. Our search engine-friendly web development approach will push your website to the top without much spending on marketing.

The web is acquired by big firms and that's why it may become very hard for new websites to rank on search results. But there are lots of keyword gaps that you can potentially rank for. It's just a matter of finding them out.

Our top-notch keyword research strategy and copywriting will help you to get clients for law firms and attorneys.
On top of that, we do everything to make a successful website. So lawyers can spend more time on their practice instead of the technical aspects.

Post-sales support

It may seem overwhelming to maintain and update websites. Sometimes you may need to add more content or new features. While editing existing content is easier but adding new features & functionalities is trickier.

And we try our best to support our existing clients. We guarantee you'll get a response on the same day of inquiry. No matter if it's a holiday season or any kind of vacation.

See more about our support from one of our long-time clients:

Result-oriented approach

Law firms want a result-driven website that will ensure their ROI and bring new clients to their law practices. And we do the same for lawyer & attorney websites. The following best practices will help to achieve your goal:

Customized website design

Probably this is the main reason for business owners and legal practitioners to hire us instead of buying templates.
Because we create websites from scratch and without copy-pasting.

Your prospects will make a judgment about your law firm as soon as they land on your website. And even a visitor may bounce/leave the site and try to find another lawyer if your website is not appealing. So we make your website visually appealing, easy to navigate & find the information they were looking for.

The color combination, font, and graphics will convey your brand identity. And at the same time, those will have semantic relationships.

Mobile-friendly responsive design

We know that most of your prospects will come to your law firm's website from mobile devices. That's why we responsive layout and optimize for mobile phones.
They will find the same information as the desktop users. But mobile users don't have to scroll horizontally. The layout will adapt to any screen size automatically.

Easy to edit and publish new content

You don't have to ask for support to make small edits to the website. Because we make the CRUD features super simple for you.

We are experts in WordPress website development and we will use it as the CMS (content management system) for your website. As a result, you can edit the text, photos, videos, etc from your admin dashboard. Moreover, you can create and publish new posts & pages with a few clicks.

Most of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. The majority persons don't take the wrong decision. And you can trust WordPress as well.

Keyword research

As I mentioned, the internet is obtained by big voices. But it's still possible to rank on the search results and put your website in front of the prospects.

“Keyword Research” plays a vital role in this regard. The competition is high enough and will be. However, there are also a lot of opportunities. It's just a matter of finding them by researching.

And our proficient team members will do the heavy lifting for you.

Content writing

There should be a reason for search engines to send traffics to your law firm’s website. And the content is the first & main reason.
After finding out the proper keywords, our dedicated copywriters create the text content for the web pages.

SEO (search engine optimization)

I know you're already familiar with this term. But if you're not, it refers to “Search Engine Optimization.” However, this optimization is not only for Google but also for other search engines.

It's a way to let search engines know that you exist. So they can index and rank your website.
SEO involves a lot of things, from sitemap submission to internal linking, gaining backlinks, etc.

Website development

In simple words, it refers to creating the features and functionalities of the website. All businesses don't operate in the same way. According to a law firm and depending on your unique needs, it will require implementing a specific workflow. And These kinds of tasks are included in the website development.

We create WordPress themes and write PHP, SASS, CSS, and JavaScript to make those required features and functionalities.

Google Analytics

It’s a free tool created by Google to keep track of your website visitors. And it allows you to check the demographics of the users, real-time visitors, etc.

We will create your Google Analytics account and integrate your website with it. Also, we will show you how to use it.

Google Search Console

It's another tool created by Google that allows you to check the performance of your website. After publishing your website, we will create a Sitemap and submit it to the search console for indexing your website.

You'll see your website ranking progress using this tool. It will also show you the top-performing keywords.
Google will periodically check your website and notify you by email if there are any errors or usability issues.

Logo, favicon, and other graphical design

You can think of us as a one-stop shop for your law firm's website design. We will create your brand logo, favicon, custom icons, SVG, banner and everything in between that needs to visualize your content and purpose.

So if you're thinking to hire a reliable website designer for your law firm, you can rely on our long-time experience. You won't regret it. Contact me to discuss more or get a quote to start right away.


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We will take care of your print materials, graphic files, and even your website. From content creation to development and everything in between. So you can spend more time on your business instead of technical aspects.

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