Please note that we are not hosting resellers or affiliates. This is an invitation-only service we offer to some of our existing clients. So you'll not find any checkout form on this page. Even this page is excluded from our sitemap.

But why do you need to host your website to us? Let's see some of the core benefits:

AWS (Amazon Web Services) - Use world-class hosting:

We use AWS to host your websites. Each website has an individual, unique & static IP. It means we are not storing many websites on the same server. As a result, websites do not share memory, CPU, disk space, and bandwidth.

Leave the technical hassle on us:

AWS is great but it's not easy to use. It means you need technical skills with Linux, command line interface, networking, etc. This is one of the main barriers why people avoid AWS even though they have a huge budget. But this is where we come into play and act like a bridge between this gap. So you get all the benefits AWS has to offer (even if you're not tech-savvy).


You still own your domain but we connect it via our Cloudflare account. It allows us to create custom Firewall Rules to protect your website from hackers, spam bots, and all kinds of phishing activities. We can immediately block them on the spot.

Real-time monitoring:

We can monitor your website in real-time and take action. So your websites stay safe even when you're sleeping.

High performance:

We take the measurements of every single incoming hit (both GET & POST requests). All the hacking attempts, spam bots, and malicious users are blocked from reaching to your server. This way we are saving huge server resources and making your website high-performing.

These are a few of the many benefits of using AWS & Cloudflare via our platform/expertise. We work very closely with each client. You get all sorts of data and additional help on demand. You have access to our phone, email, WhatsApp & Skype.

This service can help you to sleep better than the past. At least, you won't have any tension of security vulnarabilities and low performance.


Cancel anytime and take away your website anywhere you like. Even we will help you to transfer the site free of cost.