If you're thinking to hire a website designer for your upcoming wedding, you can rely on me because of five main reasons:

  1. Prior experience designing wedding websites.
  2. We know exactly what to include on the site.
  3. Have a professional team who can help with various aspects.
  4. You can enjoy it without spending time on web designing.
  5. Save money for the short-time event.

Why hire me for your wedding website?

The wedding is a short-time event and you have to deal with a lot of people. And most of the time, the organizer doesn’t get enough time for it. So a single mistake may cause big mismanagement.

You’ll see that most people are spending their highest effort to make a colorful website instead of focusing on the important aspects. Especially for wedding sites.

Your priority should be directing your guests & collecting necessary information. This will help you to organize the event properly. Otherwise, some of your guests may end up with unhappiness.

But I have got your back. To date, my team and I have designed and developed a lot of wedding sites that never cause any issues.

Necessary features of a wedding website

You'll get the following features included with your wedding website.


This is the most important form for any wedding site. You can gather the necessary information from your guests. End of the day, you’ll know how many people are going to attend a specific event. And you’ll know their name, phone, etc.

Moreover, you can collect donations or gifts directly from your website.

Countdown timer

Your guests will like it if they see the exact time left for the event. Also, it will help them to decide whether they will be able to attend or not.
The countdown has a psychological effect that forces people to take an action. So, it’s important for your wedding event website.

Your story

Your guests, friends & families are super curious to learn more about your story. Especially, the first meeting, the caring, and the reason for deciding to live with each other.

Also, they will appreciate it if you share some of your pictures, especially the closest ones.

The bride & groom are the two most important persons for this whole event. So their story is a must-have section for the wedding website.

Place & Accomodations

These two pieces of information should be focused and easy to find. Let the people know where exactly you’re going to host the wedding ceremony or party.

Also, many of the guests may need to hold the night and that is why they may need to book hotels near to the location.

Technical aspects of your wedding website

Mobile optimized wedding website

Most of your guests will browse your wedding website from their mobile phones. So it’s important to make the site mobile responsive.

Matching with wedding paper

Your website should match the wedding paper & invitation card. For example the color, font, and everything that conveys the brand identity.

Easy to edit

Once I complete the website, you can edit and update the website and its content very easily. However, you don’t have to become tech-savvy to edit the text, photos, videos, etc.

Save money for your wedding website

We know that you don’t have to keep the wedding site for years. Because it’s a short time event. But you need a domain & hosting to design & develop a website. You can buy the domain for 10 dollars but hosting may cost you $100 to $150. On the other hand, low-cost hosting will slow down the performance of your wedding site.

If you like, we will allow you to use our elegant hosting for free. That means if you hire us for website design & development, you’ll get the hosting for free.

And let us know when you don’t need the site and then we will give you a downloadable copy of your wedding site and delete it from our server.

So if you are looking to hire a wedding website designer who can handle all of that, you can rely on our long-term practical experience. The couples can spend more time enjoying, floral design and other wedding planning. And we will take care of the rest. Contact us for more information or get a quote.


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We will take care of your print materials, graphic files, and even your website. From content creation to development and everything in between. So you can spend more time on your business instead of technical aspects.

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