Keyword Research
Content Creation
Link Building
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Performance Tracking
Test the Water
Price: $1,300
11 articles (10 response/answer posts and one staple post)
SEO (search engine optimization)
Yoast/Rank-Math configuration
Custom graphics such as images, infographics, stats, and charts that attract backlinks naturally
Google Analytics setup
Google Search Console setup
Create and submit sitemap to search engines like Google, Bing/Yahoo, and Yandex.
3 Backlinks (minimum) from legit sites
Fix any SEO errors
Serious Investor
Price: $3,625
30 articles (27 response posts and 3 staple posts)
Speed optimization
Core Web Vitals (passing guaranteed)
11 Backlinks (minimum) from legit sites
Everything in "Test the Water"

What problems does it solve?

Any of these packages will help you get prospective visitors to your website. Having a website is only half of the game. If your target customers don't find your website for the services they seek, that's a big problem. And I have been helping businesses to get around this problem for nearly a decade.

Paid advertising can be an alternative to my service. But there are two main problems with paid advertising:

  1. High cost: From my experience and the clients I served, they had been spending $7000/month on average for ads.
  2. No traffic if you stop advertising: You'll see a significant spike on your website, but once you stop advertising, you will also find immediate traffic falling to zero.

How can I save you money and sudden traffic fall?

If you buy any of these packages, you will get traffic oganically. However, this is not an overnight traffic-increasing package. My process takes longer than many other agencies. But you will get significant results in 6/8 months. Also, this traffic will keep growing (in most cases) and never fall back to zero.

Most importantly, these are prospective traffic and not random visitors. They might be cold, top of the funnel, or anyone who needs your service to a certain extent.

So you will need less budget for advertising. After a year, you may not need to advertise at all.

This is how I save you money in the long run and drive potential customers to your website.

Lastly, aside from the seasonality, if you do SEO correctly and the content is high quality, your traffic will never get to zero. No matter if it's a hit by a core update or inflation.

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Which package should you buy?

I already explained how these packages could be helpful, and you can benefit from them. Now the question is, which one is the best for you?

If this is your first interaction with me, try the lowest package and see how things work. Otherwise, the larger packages are the better.

Where is the checkout page?

I did not put any link to the checkout page. Because I want to ensure that we are both perfect for each other, we need a discussion before sending you to the checkout page.

No matter which package you choose, each of them is expensive.

Also, I want to know the person and learn about the business I will work on.

Lastly, not all websites/businesses are created equal. Similarly, my team and I could not be proficient in your field. We must fulfill our commitment and beat the bigger guys in your niche. This is what I have to ensure first, and that's why we need a discussion. It will take up to 15 minutes.

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