I help website owners clean up malware, completely removing viruses and recovering hacked websites. And the website can be built with WordPress or any other CMSs.

When a website got hacked, generally it redirects to different websites. Even redirects to awful sites that you were not ready to visit.

As a result, you start to lose traffic, revenue & reputation. When it comes to cure, the earlier the better. The more time you spend on thinking or finding the right developers or agencies, you will keep losing your traffic, revenue & reputation every moment.

So why waste time? Contact me to get an early recovery and get a security firewall for safety precautions.

Find my contact information on the navigation menu (contact page). For emergencies, please feel free to call me over the phone or Skype.

Who am I anyway?

I won't bog you down with my biography. I know no one is curious about me. People are only curious to learn how I can be helpful to them and if I have proven track records.

Yeah, that's the thing I am going to introduce here.

I helped many people recover hacked websites especially WordPress sites. Also, building new sites but this is not the topic here.

But what is the proof?

I can write a testimonial for myself and claim that Mr. XYZ has written that for me. So I am not a big fan of text-based testimonials.

Instead, I would like to show you some video testimonials where people talked about me. They are the actual people who introduced me to the world. You can check those videos here.

Alternatively, you can check my Trustpilot reviews.

Lastly, I don't overpromise. I don't accept those orders that I am not able to complete on time.

This is what I am.

A few things you need to know about malware, virus & the cost of recovering a hacked website

A website can be hacked using malware or virus or both.

If a site is malware injected, it's a little easy to recover compared to virus-affected websites. The intent can be anything but malware generally affects files. And it does whatever it was made for. Such as redirecting to other websites.

On the other hand, a virus can do anything at a time and also it can create its own copy itself. You can think of its behavior as something similar to an atomic bomb. Since it creates its own copy repeatedly, it can spread very quickly all over the website and even it can reach up to the public_html or root directory. It can also delete your content and live inside the database.

That's why the cost is different for recovering a hacked website based on how it's affected.

Guarantee to never get hacked again

Scanning your website with free online tools and removing certain suspected files are not the end. Also, you will find many developers with very reduced prices compared to mine, but after a few days, you may face the same problem. It can happen over & over.

But I will guarantee a permanent solution.

I will clean up the entire directory and databases. I use professional tools and technologies that not only make the process faster but also ensure security.

After the final cleanup and completing the task, I will install a firewall and monitor your website for one week. This is just to check if my process works correctly or not. Even though I know what I have been doing.

Lastly, I will give you a guideline to follow. So you can manage your website or hire other people to work on it.

If you follow my guideline, your website will never get hacked again. This is the guarantee.


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We will take care of your print materials, graphic files, and even your website. From content creation to development and everything in between. So you can spend more time on your business instead of technical aspects.

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