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Damien Howard, Coach, Chicago, Illinois, US.

Damien Howard is a “Social & Emotional Learning Coach” for parents & educators in Chicago, Illinois. Also, he is a former teacher at Chicago Public Schools. I designed and developed their “Educational Website” back in 2020. And still cooperating with them in 2021.

Bella, CEO, VI Media, Vancouver Island, Canada.

Bella is the CEO of VI Media. I designed & developed their website in 2020. VI Media is a “Marketing Agency” located in Vancouver Island, Canada.

Dr. Jill Kahn, President, Empower House Leadership, United States.

A testimonial by Dr. Jill Kahn about me and my website design and development services. I am Shihab, and I worked on her projects in 2021. As mentioned in the video, Dr. Jill Kahn is the president of “Empower House Leadership” in the United States. She is one of my best clients. So, if you’re also thinking to create a stunning online presence for your business, feel free to reach out.

Stuart Gardner, Business Owner, Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

Stuart Gardner is the owner of “Homestyle Handyman and Property Repairs.” He has a diploma in Engineering and BTEC in aeronautical engineering.

Stuart Gardner also owns a couple of websites for his various businesses. And I helped with most of his websites, especially helped him with his urgencies in a few critical situations.

He lives in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. And his business covers Manchester and surrounding areas.