Learn Git from the very basic

You can think of this post as an online course to learn Git for free. I will walk you through very basic steps such as definition, installation, command line interface, etc, to the advanced level.

I included video instructions where it’s applicable & necessary. Also, I explained each & every subject/topic from the ground up and provided practical examples. Therefore if you still have any questions, you can ask me.

What you’ll get: After you go through this course, you’ll be able to use Git in your everyday life. This will make your life as a developer much easier than in the past.

SLTable of contents
Basic understanding & installation
What is Git and why it is used?
How to install Git on Windows & Mac?
How to use Git with Visual Studio Code?
Get rid of myths (Git & GitHub)
What is the difference between Git and GitHub?
How to use Git and GitHub?
How to create a Git repository on GitHub?
How to create GitHub Pages?
Make your hands dirty
How to clone a Git repository?
How to git pull to override the local project?
How to connect local Git to a remote server?
How to change Git remote origin URL?
Git add all – how to stage all changes on git?
How to undo the git add -A command?
What is Git commit?
How to undo the last Git commit?
How to remove or unstage a file from Git commit?
How to change the git commit message?
What is push and how to do it in Git?
How to git push after rebase?
What is a branch in Git?
Git branch: create, checkout, merge, list, command, delete & push
How to merge a git branch to master?
Git switch branches: How to checkout the git branch?
Review all commands that you learned in this post/course
Git commands & explanation (downloadable cheatsheet included)
How to remove file from Git?
When should you use git rebase?
Git course


Each of these content has its individual page. Aside from the examples, I also included learning materials such as PDF files, infographics, etc.

You have the option to post comments. This is where you can ask questions or share feedback.

I am dedicated to improving this course, adding new topics, learning materials, and all the possible ways to help readers. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know.