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About Me

Why I chose to become a website developer. The dignity, loss & achievement, growing network, struggle in the past 6 years, and the learning curve.

Past employment history

Before I started this website design business, I had been working on 9-5 regular jobs.

Two years for the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Agargaon, Dhaka.

After then, two years for two different telecommunication companies, Gulshan, Dhaka (both). Also, I worked for two other mom-and-pops in student life.

That's the past employment history.

Why I became a website developer

I was passionate about learning computers, especially programming for the web, server & database.

I do not have any degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. I came to this field for the sake of passion. Though I have a general MBA with the weirdest BSS.

Shihab with friends in university The old photo was taken in using Nokia-305. I am with my friends and one of our favorite teachers in the university.

Most of the time, you'll hear impressive educational achievements about web developers. But you'll hear the opposite in my case.

Are you thinking of not working with me then? Sorry to see you go...
But this is the truth about me.

Our jobs depend on our educational background (degree). And it does not depend on our passion.

Reason for leaving regular jobs

Having an MBA, I was getting jobs in a sector that I was not passionate about.

Though regular jobs have security, especially you get the same salary each month. But I decided to take the risk, quit the job, and started in the field that I enjoy working in.

This is why I left my regular job and became a website developer.

How it's going on with the web development business

I am happy with my web design & development business. And proud of my work when I see clients are loving my work and referring me to their friends & families.

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At the beginning, I joined a couple of freelancing websites. But realized that I should not depend on the freelancing websites because of two main reasons.

  1. The freelance marketplaces take 20% commissions from my hard earnings.
  2. It became impossible to provide stunning services because of competitive pricing.
So I decided to leave the freelancing websites and start growing own client source through this website.

I only had a couple of pages on this website in and till to then it was built with Node JS & MongoDB, and hosted by Heroku. However, I decided to convert it into WordPress. Because I have to spend less time for myself (website) and most of the time for clients.

How did I grow the client source

Anyways, I started writing about my freelance journey on the new WordPress blog. And I tried to help other freelancers, website designers, developers, prospects & clients.

At the end of , I noticed the traffic potential of my blog and it started to grow up.

For a couple of months, I monetized my blog with Google Ads. But I realized that my visitors are not feeling good with the ads. Though I placed the ads in very small amount of times. The bounce rate and session duration was the indicator.

Redesign old website This is an advertisement & self-promotion.

Finally, I turned off blog monetization through the advertisements. I sacrificed a little monthly income for the readers. However, I was benefited from another direction.

However, I receive a few clients by having this website, word of mouth and referrals. Every month does not go well equally but now, at least, I am happier than all the past professions. And I believe, it will grow big.

My skills and expertise

I don't want to bog you down naming all the programming languages and frameworks.

But I can help you to design & develop any kind of general business website, eCommerce, portfolio, blog and WordPress websites in general.

If you're interested to build a long time business relationships, or a virtual high five, give me a shout.