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How to clone a Git repository?

Clone a Git repository

In this post, I will show how you can clone a Git repository using the command line (terminal). Also, I will give you a real repository to clone on your computer (for practice). You may have created brand-new repositories in the past. But why do you need to clone a Git repository and why this is helpful? To answer this question, I want to give you an example first. Let’s imagine, you & I are coworkers, I have been working on a website and I want you to help me. So the website already exists. In this case, you should […]

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What is the difference between Git and GitHub?

Git vs GitHub, Difference between Git & GitHub

Git and GitHub are related but different tools, and you need to understand the distinctions between these two. If you want to use them together, see how to use Git & GitHub. Git is a distributed version control system. People use it to track changes, branching, merging, etc. It allows developers to collaborate on a project while keeping track of changes and maintaining version control. And a Git Hosting service makes this collaboration happen even if they live in different countries. For detailed information, see what is Git and why people use it in the first place. On the other […]

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How to change Git remote origin URL?

How to change Git remote origin URL?

You may already know what is Git remote origin URL. But if you don’t know, Git remote URL is the link to your repository in GitHub, Bitbucket, or somewhere else. No matter which Git hosting service you use, the URL ends with “.git“ In this post, I will show how you can change your Git remote origin URL. This will be fairly quick & simple instruction. How to change Git remote origin URL? Before you attempt to change your Git remote origin URL, it’s a good practice to check the current remote URL first. To check your current Git remote […]

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How to connect local Git to a remote server?

Connect local project to remote Git repository

In this post, I will show you how to connect local Git to a remote repository. And this remote repository could be GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or anything else. The process is the same. Connect your project to a remote Git repository To connect your local Git repo with a remote server, follow the steps below: Create a remote repository with the same name as the local project Before you connect any project to a remote server, your first instinct should be to create a repository. There are many free Git hosting servers out there. GitHub & Bitbucket are the two […]

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Why is Git useful for an individual developer?

Git usefulness as an individual developer

The moment when you first came to know about Git, you may also heard about collaboration. That means Git becomes handy when it comes to teamwork. Now you may think is Git useful when it comes to working alone as an independent & individual developer? Or do you really need to use Git if you work individually? The answer is yes. Even if you are a solo entrepreneur and if you’re the only person who maintains all the development work. Let me explain why Git is useful for individual developers. Why Git is useful for an individual developer? Git’s sole […]

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Git branch: create, checkout, merge, list, command, delete & push

Git and tree branches

In this post, I will show & explain everything you need to know about Git branches. You will learn how to create a new branch, switch to it or checkout to a branch, merge a branch to master, delete a branch, etc. If Git is not installed on your machine, see how to do it (both in Windows & Mac). Let’s get started. Everything you need to know about the Git branches When you initiate Git, the master branch is automatically created. Also, in your command line, you will automatically point to this master branch just after initiating Git. Thinks […]

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How to create a Git repository on GitHub?

Create a Git Repository on GitHub

To create a Git repository on GitHub, go to and signup for an account. It’s free. After you’re logged in to your account, navigate to the “Repositories” tab by following this URL: and click the button “New” (as you see in the screenshot below). In the next window, type your desired repository name in the “Repository name” field. Make sure it’s unique and there is no space. And make this name exactly as you named the project on your local machine (computer). You can leave the rest of the fields as they are. All the default options are […]

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How to install Git on Windows & Mac?

Install Git on Windows & Mac

In order to use Git and remote servers like GitHub, Bitbucket, etc, your first instinct should be to ensure that Git is installed on your machine/computer. Mac generally comes with Git preinstalled. On a Windows computer, you have to install it. How to install Git on Windows? To install Git on your Windows computer, go to and download it. After downloading install it. The installation process is the same as other general software. During the installation process, click on “Next” as many times as it comes. Any default options are fine. After installing it, go to the “Start” menu […]

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How to use Git and GitHub?

Git and GitHub

This post is a beginner’s guide to using Git. You’ll learn how to use Git on your local machine, and how to push your project to a live Git hosting server like GitHub, Bitbucket, etc. Git and GitHub are not equal. Git is a version control system. On the other hand, GitHub is one of many hosting services. See the main differences between Git & GitHub. GitHub is the most popular, and some of the similar & other companies are Bitbucket, GitLab, etc. See some of the GitHub alternatives on another website. How to use Git? To use Git, you […]

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What is Git and why it is used?


Git is the most popular version control system in the world. But this definition may not make sense to all of you. To better understand it, you have to know the following 3 primary things: What does Git do? Git helps us to manage our project files. And a project could be anything such as website design, development, mobile app development, and anything that is related to programming. But what does Git do that makes it easier to manage our project files? Well, three main aspects help us manage our project files more easily. Git history: It simply means that […]

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