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Up to March 10, 2022, WordPress is the widest category in this blog. I could include this topic within the “Web Development.” But depending on the volume of posts, I decided to give it a standalone room to breathe.

To be more specific, many of the posts require programming knowledge. Also, there are some WordPress posts that are beginner-friendly and I wrote them as supplementary to another complex post.

Here is a couple of them:

How to Remove “Website Field” From the Comments
How to Add Page-Slug to Body Class?
What to Do When You’re Unable to Reset Password
How to Display Related Posts (Without Plugin)
How to Add Pagination to Theme?
Remove random string (WordPress v= in URL)

How to trigger Elementor popup after clicking any PDF link and only show the file after form submission

trigger elementor popup after clicking any pdf link

In this post, I will show you how to trigger an Elementor popup after clicking any PDF link, and only show the corresponding file after the user submits a form. Also, you’ll get notified by email which will show you which specific file the user has downloaded. If it’s still confusing, please see the finished product demo at the beginning of the video. How to trigger the popup, collect information & display the file? Javascript (jQuery) code that I wrote in this video Step 1: Create a hidden field in Elementor form I think you already know how to create […]

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Eco Web Hosting: How to install WordPress, SSL certificate & migrate websites to it?

Eco Web Hosting: how to install WordPress, SSL certificate and migrate a new WordPress website to this hosting

Eco Web Hosting is a UK-based hosting company that offers managed WordPress, shared, virtual private server & reseller hosting. So if most of your target audience lives in the United Kingdom then this hosting company. Also, they accept payments directly in Pound Sterling that another benefit for the persons who live in the United Kingdom. In this post, I will show you how to add a domain to your existing hosting account, install WordPress, install free SSL certificates and migrate a WordPress website to in this hosting. Also, I will show you everything in a step-by-step video. How to add […]

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How to start a blog (and earn revenue) in 2022?

How to start a blog and monetize it

This will be a complete beginner guide to starting a blog and earning revenue (monetize) from it. I will walk you through all the steps from start to finish and no steps will be skipped. So you can create the blog yourself and monetize it properly. Many people from around the world started blogging but most of them failed & gave up. In the same vein, they lost valuable time, effort & money. So aside from building the blog, I will also describe everything you need to know about blogging, what to expect and when to expect it as we […]

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How to create WordPress custom post type (without plugin)?

How to create a custom post type in wordpress

To create a WordPress custom post type without any plugin, you need a little developer-level knowledge. You don’t have to be a guru. If you know how to edit your theme files, that should be okay to follow these instructions. The custom post type in WordPress (CPT) becomes very handy when you need to publish similar types of content regularly. WordPress comes with two default post types: post & page. Aside from these two, if you need to create an additional post type, follow along with me. In this post, I will show you how to create a custom post […]

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How to fill a table cell with color in WordPress Gutenberg?

How to fill table cell with color in WordPress

Are you struggling to fill WordPress table cells with color? This post will show you the simplest solution. Recently I needed to fill a couple of table cells with colors in WordPress Gutenberg (for an HTML color table post). Also, I did not want to use any table plugin for this purpose. Because I always try to use plugins as lowest as I can. Anyways, I discovered that WordPress does not have any built-in feature to fill a table cell with colors. I tried to use the “Highlight” option in the WordPress table. But the “Highlight” feature only allows you […]

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How to create a PDF downloader button in Elementor?

Make pdf downloadable button in elementor

Do you want to create a button using Elementor that allows your visitors to download a PDF or any other documents? If this is the case, this post will show you the exact steps. How to create a downloader button in Elementor? Follow the steps below in to create a downloader button in Elementor. This exact method also works for any other file types such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, ZIP, etc. Step-1: Upload the PDF to the WordPress media library To add a downloadable PDF button in Elementor, upload the PDF file to the WordPress media library. Take a copy […]

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How to add an Elementor lightbox video (dynamic popup)?

How to add elementor lightbox video

This post will show how to add a lightbox video in Elementor and a dynamic video popup button. How to add a lightbox video in Elementor? Login to your WordPress website, go to any of your posts or page, and open it with Elementor builder. Drag & drop a “Video Widget” on the page. Insert your video URL from Youtube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion, or upload your own video to the WordPress media library. Turn on the option “Image Overlay” and this is the most important to open the video in the lightbox. See the screenshot below. Choose an overlay image […]

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How to add Calendly to WordPress (with & without plugins)?

How to add Calendly to WordPress website

Calendly is a scheduling platform used by thousands of consultants, entrepreneurs, and anybody who allows booking a schedule with them. It has both free and premium versions but the integration process with WordPress is the same. In this post, I will show how to add a Calendly booking calendar to your WordPress website. In my examples, I insert Calendly with a plugin and without any plugins. Also, I will show how to add Calendly to Elementor, Divi, and general WordPress sites. Table of contents 1. Add Calendly to WordPress without plugins 2. Add Calendly using a WordPress plugin 3. Insert […]

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How to create a circular image in Elementor?

How to create a circular image and rounded border in Elementor

In this post, I will show a couple of things related to the Elementor image. Such as how to make a rounded (circle) image, add a circular border to the image, etc. How to create a rounded image in Elementor? Login to your WordPress dashboard and open any page or post with Elementor page builder. Drag & drop an “Image Widget” into the page. Not to mention, if you want to make a fully rounded image with a 90-degree angle to each corner, you have to upload a square size image. Otherwise, the may not look great and it will […]

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How to export and import Elementor page templates?

Export & import Elementor page templates and sections

You can export and import any Elementor pages, sections, etc for future use. It saves a lot of time and you don’t have to spend too much time creating the same design over & over. If you like a design or page on your website, you can export the page as a template and save it on your computer. In the same vein, you can create a new page with the same design by importing it. How to save or export an Elementor page template? Once you created a page with the Elementor page builder, open the page with Elementor. […]

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