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I write about web development because I am a web developer. The writings could help other developers & anybody who want to do it themselves. Or anyone who got stuck at a certain point and I may give it an answer.

I already got some feedback (blog comments) from readers who said that my guideline helped them to solve their problems.

In this web development topic, I discuss the following things: Domain, Web Hosting, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Localhost, FTP, CMS, and programming.

Also, I post case studies very frequently. See one of my case studies that shows why most websites fail »

By the way, if you don’t know, I also help people to create their websites. If you want to redesign your existing website or want to create a new one, feel free to reach out.

I wrote a short history of CSS. If you’re interested, check the post after. It also covers some other basic questions. Most of the CSS posts are experimental and include source code. These explain how to achieve something with CSS. Also, they contain my personal explanations and even videos where necessary.

HTML boilerplates for different types of projects (downloadable)

HTML boilerplates

HTML boilerplates are the main skeleton of your projects. An HTML boilerplate is a very basic code sample that is not too educational. So you can copy & paste any template to your project and start writing your code in that template. Alternatively, you can generate boilerplate code using the shortcut key in your text editor. However, I have listed different types of HTML boilerplates. You can download or copy them with one click. See the “Table of Contents” to find your desired project type and click any of the links to go to the respective boilerplates. HTML boilerplates Click […]

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How to create a hamburger menu using HTML, CSS & JavaScript (source code)?

Responsive navigation and hamburger menu

If you’re trying to create a responsive navigation menu that works well on all screen sizes, this post will walk you in the right direction. Aside from the responsive header, you’ll also learn how to create a simple hamburger menu for smaller screen sizes. End of this post, the source code is available for download. Before we start building the header navigation & the hamburger menu, see the demo of the final product below. How to create responsive header navigation & hamburger menu? In this example, I will use HTML, CSS & a few lines of JavaScript. As you have […]

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How to open a link in a new tab in HTML

Clicking a link and opening it in a new tab

If you created a static HTML web page and inserted links, they will open in the same window after you click any of them. This is the default behavior of any web browser. But if you want to open a link in a new tab in your HTML web pages, you came to the right spot. You can create a simple link in HTML using an anchor tag: Example: This link will open the web page within the same window. In the above example, the “<a></a>” represents the anchor tag. And it has a “href” attribute that carries the actual link of […]

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What’s the difference between the design & development of a website?

Difference between web design & development

The web design and web development look very similar. And we often use both these two terms to mention building a website. But what’s the difference between these two? And whether these two are the same thing or not. What is the difference between web design & web development? Before understanding the differences, first, we have to understand what they are. What is a web design? Web design refers to the design aspects of a website. Such as layout, color, font, user experience, user interface, etc. A web designer can design a website in two different ways: using graphic tools […]

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How to transfer a website from one Bluehost account to another?

How to transfer a website from one Bluehost account to another?

The process of transferring a website from one Bluehost account to another Bluehost account is the same except for the assigning domain. If your website is/was hosted on Bluehost and if you want to transfer it to another Bluehost account, you will face the following issue while assigning the domain to the new account. The domain “[your-domain]” is currently an Addon domain on the “[another-domain]” account. Please type the “[another-domain]” password to verify your ownership of the domain. OR You can also verify ownership of the domain using the EPP authorization code, which must be obtained from your current registrar. […]

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Do you need SiteLock Security on Bluehost?

SiteLock Security on Bluehost

Bluehost has 22 add-ons to their marketplace and “SiteLock Security” is one of them. It’s a third-party tool that searches for threats and fixes websites if there are any security issues. Bluehost is partnered with SiteLock and they offer this security service to their clients. After the “Codeguard Basic,” this SiteLock Security is one of the most discussed add-ons among all other package extras. You will find this “SiteLock Security” add-on on the Bluehost dashboard. If you’re an existing Bluehost customer, you will find it in their marketplace. After you log in to your Bluehost account, navigate to “Marketplace → […]

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Does Bluehost Codeguard Basic worth it?

Bluehost codeguard basic

Bluehost will upsell when you buy their hosting. These are included in the Bluehost package extras. These are Codeguard Basic, SiteLock Security Essential, Bluehost SEO Tools Start, and Single Domain SSL. Now the question is, is it worth buying the extra add-ons on Bluehost? In this post, I will discuss briefly “Codeguard Basic” and give you valuable information to decide whether is it worth buying or not? But who I am to explain if it’s worth buying the Codeguard? What is the authoritativeness of my word about Bluehost? Until 2022, it’s been more than 6 years since I have been […]

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How to cancel your Bluehost account?

How to cancel Bluehost account

You can cancel your Bluehost account at any time. However, there are two types of cancellation scenarios. The first type of cancellation is canceling your Bluehost subscription within the first 30 days and getting a full refund. And the second type of cancellation is canceling the Bluehost subscription after the trial period ends. In this type of cancellation, you won’t get any money back. In this post, I will walk you through the steps of canceling your Bluehost account for both cases. Note that a money-back guarantee or refund does not apply for domains. If you cancel within the trial […]

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How to remove a website from your Bluehost account?

How to delete a website from Bluehost account

There are various reasons for taking down a website. However, if you want to completely remove a website from your Bluehost account, this post will walk you through the right process. How to remove a website from Bluehost? Login to your Bluehost account, go to “My Sites” and find the website that you want to remove. Underneath each site, you’ll find a button called “Manage site.” Click on this “Manage site” button of the website that you want to delete. On the next screen, click the “Settings” tab as you see on the screenshot below. Scroll down until you find […]

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How to point the domain from to Bluehost?

How to point domain from to bluehost

Have you purchased a domain from and do you want to point the domain to Bluehost? If this is the case, follow the steps below to point the domain to Blueshot. Change the nameservers to your domain Your first step is to add Bluehost nameservers to your domain. So you can verify the domain ownership to Bluehost. In order to change the nameservers, log in to your account. And find the domain that you want to point to Bluehost. Step 1: Click the domain to go to its summary (settings) page. Alternatively, you can also click the gear […]

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