Fiverr search tags explained

Fiverr search tags can boost your gig impression, views, clicks, and even sales. You can add up to 5 tags on every gig.

A search tag can contain a maximum of 3 words and 20 characters (including spaces).

Not to mention, a single search tag does not need to be one word always. As said above, it can be up to three words.

The purpose of search tags is to increase the SEO.

What is a search tag on Fiverr?

Fiverr search tags are keywords that enhance the visibility of your gig. These are the words that your buyers are typing on the search bar while searching for gigs.

Fiverr search bar and keywords
Fiverr search bar and keywords

In the above screenshot, you see the words that a buyer is typing on the search bar to find specific gigs. And when you include these words into your gig, they will be considered as the search tags. See the screenshot below as a reference.

Fiverr search tags
Fiverr search tags

These are known as search tags on Fiverr.

To get the most output, you have to think what are the words that your buyers are using to find your services. And you have to incorporate those words into your gigs.

How can you add tags to Fiverr?

In order to add tags, go to any of your gigs (editing mood). And at the very bottom of the gig (under the Overview tab), you’ll find a section called “Search tags.” This is the section where you can add tags.

Once you start typing, you will find pre-populated search tags that you can choose from. Also, you can add your own made tags that are not prebuilt. Just make sure it’s equal to or less than three words and does not contain more than twenty characters (including spaces).

Why you can’t add a search tag on a gig?

If you want to include a unique search tag, type the keyword and hit the “Tab” key on your keyboard. This will add your own made search tag on Fiverr.

Tags don’t need to be small or in capital letters. You can type the search tags the way you want. Also, you don’t need to type commas or semicolons.

If you type on the box and if you see that it does not look like a tag format, just use the “Tab” key after you complete typing.

But if you have issues or errors when inserting tags, see another post on how to fix the tag list must contain at least 1 tag.

Why some of the search tags are not visible on the gig?

Sometimes, you may see that one or more search tags are missing on the front end even though you added them. This is a bug on Fiverr’s end.

I contacted Fiverr regarding the missing tags. And they informed me that search tags will work even if they are not visible. See the screenshot below.

Fiverr customer support message about missing tag
Fiverr customer support message about missing tag

In a few cases, you will see one or two tags are missing. But you see them when editing the gig. In this case, you can edit the missing tags and save changes. This way you may see new tags appearing.

However, as per Fiverr customer support, your search tags still work even though they are missing.

How to improve your gigs using Fiverr search tags?

Ranking your gigs on Fiverr is a crucial part of optimization. You have to use all sorts of possible technics to rank your gig on the first page. And search tags are one of the big players in the ranking factors.

But you can’t rank higher just by adding mostly searched keywords. It has semantic relationships among many other factors such as the gig title, description, reviews, number of orders in the queue, level, etc.

Also, you have to consider the level of competition of keywords before adding them to your gig. Highly searched terms are not always the best.

To get the most out of the search tags, find the low competition keywords and add them to your gig. This technic works a lot better than highly searched terms.

Because highly searched terms have lots of competition. So it’s very difficult to stand out with those terms especially if you are new to Fiverr.

Things you should consider before adding search tags into your gig

Before you add any search tags to your gig, make sure you also added all the phrases in your gig description.

A gig description does not necessarily need to include an exact match of the search tags. However, the gig description should include at least all the terms/words separately.

For example, you have a search tag “best logo design.” So you have to include all these single words “best,” “logo,” and “design” in the description. It does not need the exact match such as “best logo design.” You can include these three different words in multiple sentences.

A search tag does not perform well if the phrases are absent in the description.

Also, include the most important search tag in the gig title. And if you create a new gig in the future, make sure you added the most targeted search terms in the gig URL.

How do the search tags work?

Let me give you a practical example that will make things clear.

For example, you created a web design gig to offer a full website design service. Let’s say the gig title is “I will design a fully responsive website.” But you also want to offer “website redesigning” and “website editing.” In this scenario, do you need to create two other separate gigs for website redesigning & website editing?

Of course not, and this is where the search tags come into play.

In this case, the full website design is the main title and you have to include the two keywords (search tags) “website redesigning & website editing.” So the same gig may also appear for website redesigning & editing.

This is how the search tags work.

Best search tags on Fiverr

The best search tags are those key phrases that are highly related to your gig offerings. It does not need to be a have high search volume.

Many sellers add wrong tags to their gigs. They either copy tags from high performing gigs or randomly choose from prebuilt tags by Fiverr.

How to find the best search tags on Fiverr

Firstly, think what are the words that your buyers type to find services similar to your gig. This is the best approach to find effective search tags.

If you need inspiration, type one or two words on the search bar and see what comes up as the suggestions. Use the mostly related terms to your gig.

Does the search tag generators work?

There are a couple of tag generators out there such as webmatrices. You can use them to get some inspiration. Some of the tags may be invalid. For example, more than 3 words & 20 characters, and even slightly irrelevant. Other than that many of them are valid.

However, it’s always the best approach to come up with your own & unique idea and research.

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Now you know how to use Fiverr search tags properly. I tried to include all the information related to search tags. Therefore if you still have any question, let me know.