How old you have to be on Fiverr

You have to be at least 13 years old to use Fiverr. That means kids can buy and sell on Fiverr.

Every freelancing website has its own rules depending on its local government law.

Fiverr is based in Israel. “National Labour Law Profile: The State of Israel” prohibits employment under the age of 15. But Fiverr allows children to work on their website.

Minimum age and protection of young workers by the government of Israel
National Labour Law Profile: The State of Israel

Fiverr is not employing you and you’re going to work as an independent freelancer. This might be the reason for them to decrease the age limit.

How old do you have to be to use freelancing websites

Now you know the minimum age limit on Fiverr. But there are other top freelancing websites that also have their own age limit. Let’s see them at a glance.

Freelancing websitesRequired age
Fiverr13 years
Upwork18 years
Freelancer18 years
PeoplePerHour18 years
Guru18 years

Should a younger or minor start freelance work?

Everyone in this world needs money for living & lifestyle. But when it comes to a younger or minor, I would never suggest starting freelance work.

But why?

If you have been reading my blog for a long period of time, you may have noticed that I never published any blog posts or articles, or guides to encourage underage guys to start freelancing.

I could earn a lot more money by targeting those ( underaged ) audiences. But this is not the type of person I am.

I will never advise people or kids that is not morally right to me.

Why a minor should not start freelancing?

It’s obvious for kids that they will invest most of their time in education, school & playing.

But if kids try to start freelancing, they will lose their focus on their actual goal in life. It will hamper their education, school, playing, and even positive thinking.

I am not a psychologist or kids specialist but as a human being, anyone can understand that children are not born for freelancing or labor.

But if you still agree to differ with me, keep in mind that freelancing is not so easy and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It needs lots of education on the subject matter, training, practice, etc.

So if you start working on Fiverr or anywhere else without much thinking, you probably lose lots of your time, money, & energy and quit at a certain period.


Some of you may become happy to know that Fiverr allows kids aged 13 years or older to work on their platform. However, it’s not as good news as you may think.

Most freelancing websites will allow anyone who is 18 years or older. Fiverr is the only freelancing website that allows children to work on their platform.

But starting freelance work as an underaged or being a child will not bring good for them.

I am not sure why Fiverr allows such a thing that no other freelancing websites do. So think twice before you take a decision.