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Shihab Ul Haque

I came to know that an author's bio should be written in third-person instead of first-person. (e.g: "He is" instead of "I am"). But I am a small brand (yet effective). So I am introducing myself and hopefully you won't mind it.

You can call me Shihab. I am the founder of Shihabiiuc.

I am a web developer and I help small businesses to design & develop their websites.

Many, actually most of the people stop improving their websites after designing them. And this is why most websites fail. Because it needs consistent efforts just like you grow any other business. And this is where I came into play.

I have been working with clients directly and without any media or recruiters. And probably this is the big reason I still have many recurring clients who have been working with me since I get started.

Website redesign

I have an MBA, live in Bangladesh, and work for most of the countries.