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Freelance websites can be a great source of finding clients & jobs when you’re just getting started. There are hundreds of freelancing platforms out there. And most of their sole purpose is ultimately the same.

However, not all freelancing websites have the same level of trust, comfort, dignity & volume of work. I will introduce some of the top freelance websites where you can find clients in 2023.

There are two main ways that you can focus to get freelance clients: 1. Quality & 2. Cheapest price. In this list, I organized the freelance websites according to quality. That means these platforms highlight & prioritize quality work instead of quantity or cheap rates.

Freelancing websites that prioritize quality



Less than 3% of freelancers are able to join their platform. It’s a freelancing website where you can not just signup for an account and start working. You have to go through an interview process.

Generally, there are no low-paying clients on Toptal. And many industry leaders use Toptal to get their job done.

Though it takes too much effort to join Toptal, it’s worth trying.

Toptal best suits programmers, developers, designers, finance experts, project managers & product managers.

Commission rate: Toptal doesn’t charge a commission from freelancers.


peopleperhour memberships

Clients post projects and freelancers make offers. Like other freelance marketplaces, it also holds the fund in escrow and only releases it to freelancers once the buyer accepts the work.

It’s UK based & privately held company, and one of the oldest freelance marketplaces founded in 2007. Its headquarter is in London, United Kingdom.

In order to be a certified freelancer on their platform, you have to join their elite program. It will take you through an online application process.

Their moderators review each application manually. And once you’re approved, you’ll get access to hundreds of their international clients.

You can search for projects manually on PeoplePerHour. But their artificial intelligence system notifies you of the best matches as soon as new projects are published and if those jobs match your skills.

Commission rate: 20%

Clearing period: 14 days



Previously known as Elance or Odesk (oDesk). These two companies merged into one company in 2015 and they changed their name to Upwork. It allows both fixed & hourly rates.

Clients post their jobs on Upwork & freelancers bid on their jobs. A freelancer needs “Connects” to bid on a project/job unless you’re invited to apply.

Upwork has two types of membership plans for freelancers: Basic (10 connects/month) & Plus (80 connects/month).

Upwork memberships for freelancers

If you exhausted the free allotments, then you have to buy additional “Connects” to apply for more jobs or you have to wait until next month (billing cycle).

Upwork membership and connects history

Upwork is a mix of quality and cheap freelancers. However, quality freelancers have been doing better than cheap freelancers on Upwork.

Lastly, you can work with your own/personal clients using Upwork. They call it “Direct Contracts.” The charge is only 3.4% for freelancers and there is no fee for clients. And your direct clients don’t even need to create an account.

Upwork direct contract email body

You send an email to your client via Upwork, your client review & accept it, you complete the work, ask for payment and your client releases the fund.

However, your direct clients on Upwork are not allowed to leave a review or feedback for you.

Commission rate: 10% (Upwork recently changed their three types of commissioning systems to 10 percent for every project)

Clearing period: 5 days both for hourly & fixed-price projects. For hourly projects, the client’s review time ends on Friday & the funds are released on Wednesday.


It will ask you to verify your identity before starting work on their platform. You have to take a photo of yourself holding your ID card (gov issued) and a token number (given by them).

Once you uploaded all the documents, they will check & verify them.

It’s an Australia-based freelance marketplace. Founded by Matt Barrie in 2009. Its headquarter is in Sydney.

Here, the lowest amount for hiring any freelancer is $10 USD.

They offer five different types of membership for freelancers: Intro, Basic, Plus, Professional & Premier.

Commission rate: 20%

Clearing period: 15 days for fixed-price jobs.

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You should not join many freelance websites. It’s better to stick with one or two maximum. For some of you who are wondering why I have not included Fiverr in this list, see my Fiverr review. This list contains the best freelance websites according to my personal opinion. So I excluded lots of sites but I may include new sites in the future. If you have recommendations, let me know.