How to fix Tag list must contain at least 1 tag on Fiverr?

If you’re creating a gig on Fiverr and found this error “Tag list must contain at least 1 tag” this post will give you the perfect solution.

This error message appears when you try to save your gig without inserting any search tag. Also, you will see this error when the tags are not properly formatted.

Since you’re getting this “Tag list must contain at least 1 tag” error that means you’re on the “Overview” tab on your gig while editing it.

Anyways, there are two ways you can insert search tags in your gig. The first way is to select tags from the predefined list. And the second way is to write your own made search tags. Also, you can insert tags in both ways.

But I want to point out a couple of things before fixing the “Tag list must contain at least 1 tag” error. A search tag should follow the rules as mentioned below:

How to fix the “Tag list must contain at least 1 tag” error?

A Fiverr gig can contain a maximum of 5 tags. But it’s not mandatory to have 5 tags always. You can add less than it. For example, 4, 3, etc. But you need at least 1 tag in order to publish. Otherwise, it will trigger the error that you came across.

If you found this error even after inserting a tag then look for the format. And make sure your tag does not look like the screenshot below.

Improperly formatted tag on Fiverr gig

A properly formatted tag will look like the screenshot below.

Properly formatted tag on Fiverr gig

If you’re still not sure, see the difference below:

Incorrect vs correct tag on Fiverr

How can you properly format the tags?

As mentioned above, you have two ways to insert tags on your gig.

Option 1:

You can choose tags from the predefined list by Fiverr. Once you start to type on the tag field, it will suggest a list of tags that you can choose from. See the screenshot below as a reference:

Suggested tag list on Fiverr
You can choose from the suggested tags

Option 2:

You can also write your own tags that are not predefined by Fiverr. After you finish typing a tag, just hit the “TAB” key on your keyboard. And this “Tab” key will properly format the tag on Fiverr.

If you see on the above screenshot, it has my own made tag “Hello Tags” and it’s not predefined by Fiverr. I typed the tag and hit the “Tab” key on my keyboard and it become formatted properly.

Alternatively, you can also use the “Enter” key on your keyboard. That will do the same thing.


Fiverr search tags increase the SEO of your gig. So it’s important to have on your every gig.

If you’re unable to insert tags, you may lose visibility such as impressions, clicks & views. So it’s the best practice to write all 5 tags on every single gig.

But if you found the error “Tag list must contain at least 1 tag” I have given the solution in this post. Therefore if you still have any issues, let me know in the comment.