Impressions on Fiverr gig

Impressions on Fiverr are the number of times your gig appeared in the search results and any other pages. And it’s different than clicks/views.

Most buyers search for services on Fiverr. And if your gig appears for a buyer’s search term that will be counted as an impression. It could be the first or last page or any other page on Fiverr.

Fiverr displays certain gigs on their home page, category & sub-category pages. And if a buyer land on Fiverr and see your gig on any of those pages, it will be also counted as an impression.

How many impressions are good on Fiverr?

2K impressions per month are good for most gigs on Fiverr. However, it also depends on two other things such as clicks & orders.

That means a higher number of impressions are not always good until it converts.

Low impressions with high sales and high impressions with low sales on Fiverr

Let’s say you have two gigs: Gig-A & Gig-B. The Gig-A has over 20K monthly impressions & 2 orders. On the other hand, Gig-B has only 200 monthly impressions & 7 orders. Which type of gig do you prefer to have? Gig-A or Gig-B?

Of course, Gig-B, right?

Because it makes better sales and gets huge orders even if it has low impressions.

On the above screenshot, you see that GIG-B received 13 orders during the last 30 days by only having 195 impressions. But on the other hand, GIG-A has 3.2K impressions with only 2 orders.

That means higher impressions are not always helpful. However, you still need impressions in order to get clicks and most importantly the orders.

How many impressions do you need on average to get a click?

On average, you need 50 to 200 impressions to get a click on your Fiverr gigs.

This number may vary depending on your niche, completion, the number of existing orders in the queue, etc.

Also, the gig title & image play a vital role in getting clicks. So make sure you optimized your gig considering these factors.

If you’re new to Fiverr, see how I ranked my gig on the first page on Fiverr.

Do impressions matter on Fiverr?

From the above explanations, you came to know that a higher number of impressions does not always bring great results. However, you still need impressions in order to make sales on Fiverr.

The more visibility you get the more chances are to get orders. But there is a caveat.

If a gig appears for many search queries and buyers do not place orders for this gig, this type of impression is valueless.

So the most important thing is the number of orders than the impressions.

How increase the impression on Fiverr?

Three things are the most important to increase the impressions on Fiverr such as gig description, title & search tags.

Also, there are a few other things that have an impact on the impressions e.g: number of existing orders on the queue, gig ratings, seller level, order completion rate, on-time delivery rate, etc. So make sure to keep your eyes on these matters and try to make improvements as much as you can.

Fiverr demands that its platform works like a search engine. Considering this fact, you need to do the following things in your gig:

Still, there is a caveat. In order to increase the impressions on the Fiverr gig, keep at least 3/5 orders in the queue. This will increase the impressions dramatically that no one tells you.


Now you know what is impressions on Fiverr, whether it matters or not, what is a good number of impressions, and how to increase the impressions.

I wrote this post and the tactics of increasing the impressions based on practical experience and proved it when I needed it.

If you also need to increase the impressions on your Fiverr gig, feel free to use the methods confidently and let me know if that does not work.