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People who buy digital services and the majority of those who live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are the buyers of Fiverr.

See the screenshot below that has been taken from an income report that Fiverr International Ltd. posted on the “United States Securities and Exchange Commission” website. This report shows that more than 70% of their revenue came from the buyers who live in the 5 English-speaking countries mentioned in the first line of this post.

Most buying countries on Fiverr
Most buying countries are on Fiverr

User role on Fiverr (buying & selling)

Many people think that they need a different buyer account to make a purchase on Fiverr. Actually, it’s not the case.

Switch to buying & selling options on Fiverr
Switch to buying & selling options on Fiverr

Anyone who is 13 and older can buy & sell on Fiverr using the same & one account. There is no separate role for buyers and sellers on Fiverr.

Anyone who wants to sell on Fiverr creates gigs. And he/she can also hire other sellers using the same account. And the people who want to only buy, don’t need to create gigs but if they wish to sell then they can create gigs anytime they want.

As a registered user on Fiverr, you can always see your profile both from the buyer’s & seller’s perspective. You have the options: ‘Switch to Buying’ & ‘Switch to Selling.’ See the screenshot that I mentioned above.

General pricing for buying on Fiverr

There is no doubt that Fiverr is a cheap marketplace.

Buyers who don’t have a sufficient or enough budget generally come to Fiverr to get their job done. See more about why Fiverr is so cheap.

The sellers on Fiverr are selling their service at a lower price than the actual market price (mostly).

However, there are still a few high-paying buyers on Fiverr who are willing to buy quality services.

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Most English-speaking people are buyers on Fiverr and the majority of them are interested to get their job done at a lower price than the actual & global market price.