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Back in 2016 and up to 2019, I was actively working on Fiverr. As you know that there is a huge competition on Fiverr. I used a couple of methods to rank my gigs on Fiverr and 1 of them worked like a miracle.

And this trick has allowed me to sell more than 25,000 USD (twenty-five thousand). See my income report (earnings) below:

My earnings on Fiverr
My earnings on Fiverr

However, I don’t work on Fiverr these days because it’s not worth my time. But I still have the account and I may delete it in the future, and after I make a full & complete resource.

Anyways, this post is not about my personal story. It’s all about a proven method of ranking gigs that I used on Fiverr. So you can take the most out of it and rank your gig on the first page.

But I wrote a little bit about my personal experience because I have to ensure that you’re getting information from a person who has real experience on Fiverr.

But what if 1M people try my method of ranking gigs? Will it rank all of their gigs?

The answer is very simple, NO. This method will not work for everyone because of two main reasons:

  1. It’s tough to do.
  2. You have to be professional & experienced in your field.

How to position your gig on the first page of Fiverr?


Below I mentioned the summary of the entire process of ranking my gigs. You can use the same approach to boost your visibility on Fiverr.

  1. Collect some (approx 50) leads who don’t have accounts on Fiverr. These are your prospects and these leads could be email addresses, phone numbers, Skype contacts, etc.
  2. Reach out to them with your offerings and make at least 5 conversions one by one.
  3. After you convert a lead, give him/her your gig link (that you want to rank) and tell them to signup & make the payment on Fiverr.
  4. Once you bring a few clients on Fiverr from outside, they will start ranking your gig on their first page.

Why & how does this method works for ranking your gig on Fiverr

Fiverr keeps track of every incoming URL. And if you bring outside clients to Fiverr, they will keep track of it and award you.

computational thought

Moreover, if you bring clients to their platform who don’t have accounts on Fiverr, they will love it. This process will give a clear signal to their algorithm that you’re doing your best and people are curious enough about your gig.

But how do you know if the prospect already has an account or not (on Fiverr)?

Firstly, you should not ask them when you’re discussing with the prospects at the early stage. Secondly, you don’t have to be aware of it because you will also get a ranking facility even if the person already has an account (fewer facilities than new clients).

How long Fiverr will keep ranking your gig using this method

Stopwatch, time to website migration

At least for one month and this is what I saw in my personal experience. You have to keep working and delivering outstanding work to all the clients.

Also, try to keep at least 5/7 orders in the queue after your gig ranks. And you will get these orders mostly from existing customers on Fiverr.


Gig performance went down after order cancellation
Gig performance went down after an order cancellation

Human makes mistakes and this is no different on Fiverr. If you received slightly negative feedback, Fiverr may push you a little bit down. Also, there are chances of order cancellation. And it has a huge negative impact on your gig.

They take “Private Feedback” into consideration. And in my personal experience, private feedback has a greater impact than public feedback.

Whatever the reason, if you saw that your ranked gig went down, follow the same method to organize your gig again.


attention, alert sign

Once your gig is ranked on the first page and once you started rolling in, don’t increase your gig price. This is what I’ve seen when most people started getting many orders and after getting a new (higher) level.

Fiverr will never hold you back from increasing gig prices. But I saw the gig went down after increasing the price (for a ranked gig).

If you need to increase the price, I would advise increasing the price by 10% (max) and after you make 100 more sales.

Otherwise, you have to follow the ranking method very frequently.

Some other factors that you have to take into consideration

Progress factors

Many sellers on Fiverr seek a shortcut to rank their gigs and sometimes they follow bad tricks (a few of them).

If you’re relatively new or if you’re thinking to sell on Fiverr, see freelancing on Fiverr at first. It will give you a clear idea about getting started & the dos and don’ts.

Some of the readers may also think that this ranking method will also work if they bring fake clients to Fiverr. But it’s not the case. See why fake clients & fake reviews will not work.


Ranking gigs on the first page of Fiverr is hard and not all the sellers can do it.

But if you follow my method successfully, your gig will be ranked very soon because I proved this method several times & it worked 100% for me. If it worked for me then it will also work for you as well.

However, it’s easy to suggest other people but it’s hard to implement when it comes to your turn. I personally made it and proved it several times. All of you can’t make it or try this method properly as it’s hard. But it’s worth it.