Can you buy reviews on Fiverr?

No, you should not buy reviews on Fiver or anywhere. Because it’s against their ToS (terms of service) and it’s gaming the system.

There are some fake gurus who advise newbies to buy some reviews. But it does not help in the long run. Moreover, it hurts your gig & account.

Reviews on any freelancing websites help to get new jobs. But getting reviews illegally does not help.

Buying reviews

If Fiverr can build a million-dollar company, they are also intelligent enough to catch the bad tricks. Their algorithm checks for various things and if these fake reviews would work, I think most people could do it.

Why buying reviews don’t work on Fiverr?

Alert, restriction

Reviews are important on Fiverr but you can not buy them. Also, it is not impossible to land jobs without reviews or having fewer reviews. Everyone has to start from the ground up. But if you try to game the system, you will fall into a problem, today or tomorrow.

How can you get reviews fast and naturally?

In order to get reviews, you have to get orders. But most buyers don’t want to hire newbies.

However, there are some buyers who will hire you even if you do not have reviews. And even they are happy to pay you a higher price.

It’s just a matter of experience, practice, and knowing your staff. Real buyers are just waiting to hire someone who can solve their problems. They would not mind hiring someone who can do the job even if he/she is a newbie. They just want to see the desired words in your proposal or gig description.

Keep your eyes on the “Buyer Requests.” You can send up to 10 offers daily but it’s also very hard to find too many job posts that you can perform.

If you can send 3/5 proposals daily and to the correct person/buyer, you’ll win orders very soon. But if you’re a new seller and if you don’t see buyer requests, see how to solve the “No Buyer Requests” issue.

If you yet don’t know, see how to write a winning proposal on Fiverr. I also have included a template but don’t just copy-paste it.

Do not chase your client for reviews. And also do not ask them for a specific review (for example, 5 stars review).


There is no shortcut to becoming an outstanding freelancer overnight. It takes time, hard work & patience. And buying reviews on Fiverr is not a solution to a problem or the way to success. Keep in mind, if the success comes overnight then it will disappear in another night.

The last word, you should not buy reviews on Fiverr.