Fiverr review samples for buyers and sellers

If you need the inspiration to write feedback on Fiverr or any other freelancing platform, then check these samples. I have organized these sample reviews both from the buyer’s & seller’s perspectives.

Buyer review to the seller

In this sample, “John” is the seller.

His response was unbelievably fast. Willing to follow directions. Very cooperative attitude.

Went the extra mile to assist with my problems. He is the best seller on fiver I’ve ever worked with by a mile. Thank you very much.

John’s work is amazing, I got exactly what I was looking for, and he communicates all the time to make sure you get what you need.

Great and fast work. He was helpful, responsive, and patient. A+

Reviews on freelancing websites
Upwork & Fiverr buyer review samples

Protip: Don’t feel shy to ask your client to extend the delivery time. It does not affect your gigs negatively.

John is an excellent professional, always very attentive, always seeks to improve his knowledge and works in a humanized way, and is always willing to deliver the best work. I will certainly hire him for new projects. Thank you, John, for the excellent experience.

What I like most about John is that he likes challenges, always trying hard to do the best job.

Always comes up with the goods! Very persistent.

This guy keeps surprising me. Resilient service. As a business owner, I have often struggled with poor attitudes in people hired on projects. What I like is his intuition. You don’t need to handhold him for every little thing. He uses his intuition, communicates what he observes, asks for permission before proceeding, and delivers an amazing service that is way beyond my expectations. Great job!

Fiverr review example
Find awesome clients, get awesome reviews

Protip: Do you know finding good clients is way much more important than getting random orders? You may end up with 20+ revisions & bad reviews if you work with a bad client.

Highly recommended! Professional with a lot of patience, helped me with the most difficult issues. Great job!

Really great experience. Excellent English skills. Very communicative throughout the project, letting me know what he’s done so we don’t get sidetracked. Patient, knowledgeable, and very helpful. We are in discussion for the next project. Highly recommend.

I have been working with John for over a year. He is always quick to respond and always delivers what he promises.

Fiverr reviews for sellers
Fiverr reviews for sellers

Protip: Don’t be frustrated for not being eligible to be a “Seller Plus Freelancer.” It’s not worth it, at least not as much as you may think.

John’s English is excellent. and his knowledge and ability to make stuff happen are great.

Go above and beyond the call of duty, one of my favorite sellers – highly recommended!

The seller is an exception and communicates at almost every stage so you know what’s going on. I am impressed and will work with him again.

I was impressed by its efficiency, speed, and technical support of John. When I need it, I will certainly use his services because I am really satisfied with his job.

Fiverr feedback sample
Fiverr feedback sample

Protip: Do not depend on only Fiverr. There are other ways and Fiverr alternatives you can go for.

Great experience, I am a returning customer. I will work with the seller again.

Speed and efficiency. His job is exactly what I wanted. This is the second time that I ask him for tasks and I will not hesitate to call him again.

Ultra professional freelancer with lightning-fast service! John has great control of the English language, offering clear instructions with simplicity. He is knowledgeable, friendly, efficient with speed, and a night owl -a big plus. Highly recommended seller, well deserving of a tip! Thanks again!

John is a very talented web designer and also an incredible person. He went above and beyond to help me and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! I will continue to use his services and recommend him to all my friends and colleagues!

This is my second project with John. And he was great both times, really going the extra mile!

Awesome! Have been using and will continue to use him. I come across some shady people on here but John has been the most legit and qualified. Thank you.

Every day, he sent an update. After delivery, he worked to complete the revisions I requested in a timely manner. Easy to work with and as my needs expand over the next year, I will be calling him to help me again.

Fiverr seller review sample
Fiverr seller review sample

Protip: Do not mess with Fiverr customer support. Try to avoid them as much as possible. Because they don’t want you to contact them.

John is very responsible, communicative, and professional. He exceeded our expectations and we look forward to our continued work with him.

John is the best! I highly recommend working with him! His work is exceptional and he is very professional and kind! Hire him! 💯

I love working with John. He is patient, solutions-oriented, and laughs at my jokes. He’s the perfect helper. Not to mention the speed of delivery! I am very grateful to have found him and highly recommend him.

He was easy to work with. Great communication and a good final product.

Incredible work, words can’t describe how satisfied I am, but simply put… I would recommend this seller to anyone.


John is a very expert website designer. I gave him a job and he did very well what I asked him. I am fascinated by his work. In the future, I have the desire to work with him again.

This seller was super professional, had excellent communications skills, and offered extremely good value. I have no doubt that I have found a web expert.

The seller adds so much value to my business; I just can’t begin to thank him. Two great database-driven websites, very reasonable price, and such a pleasure to work with!

John is a great developer. He did the right thing for the website that I wanted.

I ended up with more than I expected, a highly recommended developer. Once again Thank you very much for your help with my project. Is perfect!

Amazing as always. Fats delivery highly educated on all aspects of web development.

This guy is super fast, intuitive, and smart. Very pleased to have found him. I gave him a WordPress task and he went beyond my expectations to deliver the results. Look forward to giving him more tasks and referring him to my friends.

Gem of a guy for WordPress!!! Resilient, quick to respond, and clear in communication. He will always stay on top of my mind for WordPress projects. I will be happy to refer him to my network of friends too!

This vendor is excellent. Patient, polite, explains really well what he needs from me, and ensures I am aware of possible problems with something I may be thinking of adding to my website. I will not hesitate to use him again, and again. 🙂

Great work, best my go-to team. Very high knowledge of web development.

Great job. Extremely happy with the results. John created my custom WP theme exactly as instructed.

John is an incredibly talented web designer. He goes above and beyond to make everything perfect. I HIGHLY recommend him. I will be using him for all my website projects.

John is the best website developer. He’s patient, talented, and easy to work with. I highly recommend him!

I’ve spent a lot of time on here with several different web designers and this one here gave me what I wanted with little hesitation. I saw what I wanted he jumped on it. He knows his stuff. I will be using him for additional work from here on out.

John is an incredible web designer and proficient at “all things” web-related. I highly recommend him. He’s honest, patient, and very hard working. I’ve used him for all our web-related work and will continue to hire John in the future!

John is the absolute best! He is a great designer, WordPress guru, and great to work with. He will take care of you. I will continue to use him for all our work.

My experience with John has been fantastic. He is such a hard worker and has a great work ethic. He puts in 100% effort and will go the extra mile to give you a site you will be happy with. He is always there to answer any questions and provides you with helpful videos on how to do particular tasks and to edit your website. I am delighted with my site and will definitely return to him for any future projects.

Extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We have had several web developers try to repair a malfunction on our website without prevailing yet John was able to fix it and so much more without hesitation. Thank you so much for your service.

An absolute pleasure and a TOP GUN guy to deal with. I can’t believe the quality of the website I got, this man is a true professional and really works hard. He goes the extra mile to ensure you are happy. Thanks so much, will use you for all my websites from here on in. Absolutely recommended. I previously had a terrible site through WIX, and wanted to redesign and move to WordPress. John listened to my requests, took feedback, came up with a great design, communicated well, and helped me to get a perfect website. You can’t go wrong with this seller. A+++

Probably the best experience I have ever had on Fiver. Amazing website designer and his communication are unreal!

John provided a beautiful website, he over delivered and provided extra help on different areas of the website. I would definitely recommend John to anyone looking for a website. Excellent service, excellent response, beautiful design.

John is an outstanding web developer who creates beautiful websites and so generously gives his time to ensure the website is to your liking. He constantly adds value by making even minor changes. I would 100% recommend John for website development. He over-delivers & creates stunning websites and is so quick in coming back to you. Thank you, John, I’m blessed to have had you create my website.

Awesome job on my site. Very detail-oriented and asked great questions to get appropriate requirements for my website. Very happy and will use them again.

John did a wonderful job on the website, and even got it to us UNDER the delivery date. Fast and responsive!

John was very supportive and did a professional job. in addition to the build, he also explained a lot of things along the way to make it all seamless.

Great communication! Set up the website perfectly and now I just need to insert my personal touches. Thank you!

The website was everything I wanted, and all adjustments I asked for were done in a timely manner. Very happy.

This was my 8th order on Fiverr with John. He is very cooperative and cool. Offered top-quality WordPress website makeover. He listens patiently and offers great advice. Has a lot of knowledge. Has amazing life skills. Will refer him to anyone who needs a WordPress makeover.

This was exactly what I wanted! This dude did an amazing job and I am beyond impressed with this website. He did it in a quick amount of time, made sure I was using the right host for what I wanted, and left me with tons of resources. I would recommend this guy any day! Thank you!

Always come back to John, he did an amazing job! I like the website layout and the way he designed it, John also helped me update the information with my request. Very good seller!

Reply feedback to the client

I’m glad I was able to help.

I am highly satisfied to get the chance to work with you.

Thanks for the TIP and your nice collaboration.

It means a lot. I am very happy to work for you.

Thanks a lot for your kind feedback.

I’m glad to have this opportunity to work with you.

It’s my pleasure to work with you.

Thanks for the tip and for taking the time to share your feedback.

Thank you for hiring me again. I hope this business relationship will go long.

Thanks a lot for hiring me again and for your continuous business relationships.

You’re most welcome. It’s always a pleasure to work with you.

Thank you so much. I always love to work for you & look forward to the next projects.

I liked the way you trusted me to provide required & sensitive credentials. Thank you.

You’re most welcome! If you still need any updates on the project, I will be happy to do it as well.

Thanks for your kind feedback & recommendations. It is always a pleasure to work for you & your company. You were very clear about your requirements and that helps me to provide you with hassle-free services.

Glad to hear about your feeling. In the future, if you need any help on the website, just drop me a message.

You were communicative during the development process, and clear about your requirements. I loved working for you. And thanks for the huge TIP.

I’m the luckiest seller here on Fiverr because I got the chance to work for you & your company. During the development process, you were very communicative and your direction was very clear to me.

Thanks a lot for hiring me again. It was my 3rd project with you and I look forward to working with you in the long run.

I’m the luckiest developer & seller here on Fiverr because I have clients like you. I’m glad you liked the new website and also I’m always happy to help you update any of your websites in the future. I highly appreciate you releasing the fund very quickly always.

You’re always most welcome. If you need any more help on the website in the future, feel free to reach out at any time.

I’m glad you loved the website. I know there are a few things you may need to adjust on the website and I will be more than happy to cooperate with it.

I’m glad to be able to perform a quick fix on your website and to be able to reply to you back as soon you asked me to do that.

I’m glad you liked it. You were very patient during the development process, highly appreciated. If you need any help on the website in the future, just drop me a message at any time.

Thanks a lot for your continuous business relationship. I’m really happy to get the chance to work for you. I don’t mind making any corrections or doing any customization if required.

If you want to add more features or customize anything on your website, please just drop me a message & I’ll try my best for you. A huge thanks for the TIP.

If you need any help with updating the website in the future, just drop me a message. And finally, thanks a lot for the TIP.

It was my true pleasure working for your website. If you need any help or have any questions, just drop me a message anytime.

Thanks for those kind words. It really helps future clients to think about me. You’re one of my best clients.

Thanks for your continuous business relationship. It was my true pleasure working for you. If you need any kind of help related to the website, just drop me a message and I will try my best for you.

I’m glad you’re happy with the result. If you have any questions or if you need help, just drop me a message and I will try my best for you.

It was an absolute pleasure working with you. In the development process, you were communicative & cooperative. My support will be continued for you even this project is completed. Thanks for the TIP.

Thanks a lot for the continuous cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns while maintaining the website, just drop me a message. This specific order/project has been completed but I’ll provide lifetime support.

I respect your power of trusting others. You gave me all the login credentials for two different domain/hosting platforms and you accepted my delivery at the first hit, awesome! This was my pleasure working for you.

Huge love from me & my team. If you need any changes on your organization’s website, feel free to drop me a message at any time, & even a year later. We’re awake for you. Finally thanks a lot for the TIP. Highly appreciated.

Thanks for the kind words. In the development process, you were super communicative. I look forward to working for you in the long run. Again HUGE thanks for the HUGE tips.

Thanks from the depth of my heart for your kind review & for your nice collaboration. Your requirements were crystal clear & I’m respectful to Fiverr.Com because they have given me the chance to work with such a great client. I hope this was a nice start & I will hear back from you in the future.

This is my first project with you. I hope this business relationship will go long.

This is my first project with you. I love the way you trusted me. If you need any customization on the website, just drop me a message. I will be more than happy to assist you.

In the development process, you & your team were communicative. Your requirements were clean. I’m glad because you provided the text contents first for the website. If you need any corrections on the website, don’t hesitate to ask me, even if it’s a year late. Thanks for everything.

Thanks for the positive feedback and also for the compliment.


That’s a lot for the samples and you got the inspiration & idea of how to leave feedback to clients & freelancers.

Asking for a specific review is against Fiverr terms of service. For example, a seller can not ask for 5 stars review. But the seller can ask for a good review. So be aware of that.

Also, it’s not a good practice to ask for reviews over & over. For example, as a buyer, I saw that many sellers ask for reviews from the very beginning and they asked me multiple times. It’s quite annoying. And I believe, no clients like this type of attitude. Because reviews are the byproduct of the orders and this is not the main goal of a client. Nor it’s important for the clients.

So if you’re a freelancer, make sure to perform the best job always and ensure that your clients get everything they need. Focus on your client’s goal and not yours! You’ll achieve the best reviews as the byproducts.