Everything you need to know about revisions on Fiverr

Revisions on Fiverr mean the number of times a seller will correct his/her work without extra costs. A buyer places an order with a seller and the seller delivers the order upon completion.

And the revision starts after the work delivery (if required).

What does revision mean to the buyer & seller on Fiverr?

What does revision mean to a buyer?

If you’re a buyer and if you want to buy a gig or if you receive a custom offer, you can ask the seller to make corrections for a certain number of times that was included in the gig package or the custom offer.

And you will get those revisions within your order price and without extra cost.

Revisions offered in gig packages on Fiverr

For example, if you buy a gig package that has 3 revisions. That means you can ask the seller to make corrections to the work three times after each time he/she delivers the work.

Revisions give you the ability to reject a seller’s work and ask for corrections within the scope of work.

Also, a seller can reject your revision request and even cancel the order.

What does revision mean to a seller?

You must have to offer a certain number of revisions when creating a gig. The number of revisions could be 0 (zero) to 9, and even “Unlimited.”

That means you can also offer no revisions for a gig package but you must have to assign/choose the number of revisions.

Select the number of revisions you want to offer on certain gig packages on Fiverr
Select the number of revisions you want to offer on certain gig packages on Fiverr

This is also true about the “Custom Offer.”

Custom offers on Fiverr are personalized quotes that a seller sends to a buyer upon discussion. However, assigning the number of revisions with the custom offer is optional. But it’s better to have if you’re first time working with a particular client.

Custom offer template on Fiverr
Custom offer template on Fiverr

A few of your buyers may ask for revisions over and over. So it’s always good practice to offer a certain number of revisions whether it’s a gig package or a custom offer.

If a buyer exhausted the number of allowed revisions and asks for more, then you can charge them for additional revisions with an extended deadline.

How many revisions should you offer as a seller on Fiverr?

This is one of the most confusing parts when you create a gig or send a custom offer to a buyer. Let’s face it.

If you offer a large number of revisions or unlimited revisions, a buyer can take this opportunity in the wrong direction and harass you.

For example, a bad buyer can misuse these revisions, and also he/she can ask for revisions sine-die. And even the buyer can ask for extra work for no additional money that is out of scope.

On the other hand, if you offer a low number of revisions or zero revisions, the buyers may not be interested in buying your gigs.

So what you should do?

But before I advise you, I would like to point out another important aspect of Fiverr.

No matter how many revisions you offer, you will never get the money for your work until the buyer accepts your work or the order is marked as completed automatically in 3 days.

So if you’re new to Fiverr, I would suggest you offer the highest number of revisions and even unlimited revisions for all the 3 packages of a gig.

But if you have a proven track record of selling on Fiverr, the lowest number of revisions is the best choice for your gigs. This way you can earn additional money for extra revisions. If you ask for my suggestion, I will advise you to offer the following number of revisions:

However, don’t waste your valuable time with bad buyers providing revisions after revisions. Sometimes it would be better to cancel an order on your part. For more detail, see when a seller should cancel an order on Fiverr.

Frequently asked questions about revisions

I covered a lot of aspects of Fiverr revisions. However, I answered a couple of common questions below.

What do unlimited revisions mean on Fiverr?

The “Unlimited” revisions mean that a seller will keep working to make improvements on a certain order until the client is happy or accepts the delivery.

As you know the word “Unlimited” has no exact number as well as it has no limitations. So it’s pretty self-explanatory.

As a seller, you work on orders and deliver them to get buyers’ approval & money. But a buyer can reject your order and ask for revisions. If you offer unlimited revisions, you have to keep working & re-delivering the order until the buyer accepts it.

Do revisions count as late delivery on Fiverr?

If the original (first) delivery was sent on time, the revisions will be not counted as late delivery.

However, if your buyer requested a revision, you may see the particular order page showing “Late” with a red color warning.

Late delivery order on Fiverr
The late delivery order status on Fiverr

If you delivered a particular order on time and if you see the “Late Delivery” status after getting a revision request, don’t worry about it. Because it will not affect your delivery rate, or order completion rate in any way.

Actually, revisions are not counted as late delivery even if you see a warning on the order page.

To be sure on this matter, I asked Fiverr customer support exactly this question. And they ensured me that revisions are not counted as late delivery even if the time counter shows a “Late” status.

Fiverr customer support answer if the revisions counted as late delivery

So don’t worry if you sent the original delivery on time.

How many revisions can you have on Fiverr?

You can have any number of revisions between 0-9 or unlimited.

If you want to learn more, see “How many revisions should you offer as a seller on Fiverr?” (above on this post).

What is the meaning of additional revision on Fiverr?

Actually, additional revision is a “Package Extra” that you can add to your gig.

Additional revision refers to the extra revision that you will do for extra money after the buyer exhausted their allowed revisions.

For example, you offered 2 revisions to one of your gig packages. Also, a buyer bought this particular gig package and already get 2 revisions for free. Now if the buyer needs another (3rd) revision, then they have to pay an extra for this 3rd revision.

You set the price for each additional revision. For example, you can charge $50 & 2 days to provide an additional revision.

Also, your buyer can buy this package extra (additional revision) on or multiple times from their order page.

How to set the price for the “Additional Revision?”

If you’re a seller on Fiverr, you will find this option on your gig page. Go to edit any of your gigs, navigate to the “Pricing” tab and look for the last section at the bottom “Add extra services.”

Here you can set the price and time for an additional revision. See the screenshot below as a reference.

Additional revision on Fiverr gig
Additional Revision on your gig

Please note that it’s a unit price and a single buyer can buy it one or multiple times for the same order.

Keep in mind that buyers do not get charged automatically for the additional revisions. They can request revisions each time you deliver an order. That means you have to ask them to buy the “Additional Revision” as an extra service when they exhausted the free limit.

What does rejected order mean?

If a buyer rejects your delivery on Fiverr, it means that they are not satisfied with your work and they want a revision.

Rejected orders are very common on Fiverr and you should not be upset if one of your orders got rejected. Just follow up with them and ask what specific corrections they need.

If you’re able to fulfill their requirements, re-deliver the order. But if you’re unable to fulfill the buyer’s requirement, then you may have to prepare yourself for a mutual cancellation.

What happens if I don’t accept delivery on Fiverr?

If you’re a buyer on Fiverr, you have two options:

But what if you don’t accept a delivery on Fiverr?

If you don’t accept delivery, this order will be marked as completed automatically in 3 days. And your fund will be released. And after that, you don’t have anything to do except for leaving feedback to the seller.

Can a seller cancel an order after delivery on Fiverr?

A seller also reserves the right to cancel an order even after he/she delivers the order.

After a seller delivers an order on Fiverr, it goes to the buyer. And the buyer can either accept or reject the delivery and even ask for revision or even cancel the order.

That means waiting for the buyer’s response is the next step after the delivery. But if you are a seller and if you think that you need to cancel the order after you delivered the work, you can still do it by going through the resolution center.

What happens when you approve delivery on Fiverr?

If you’re a buyer and if you approve the delivery, the fund is released to the seller (20% to Fiverr & 80% to the seller).

After that, you can leave a rating & write a review for the order/seller.

If you leave feedback, the seller will be get notified and invited to leave feedback for you.

But if you did not leave feedback after approving the delivery, the seller won’t be able to write a review for you.

Anyways, after approving a delivery, the process normally ends here.

What happens if you miss a Fiverr deadline?

The countdown starts just after you received an order along with all the required information.

But if you miss a deadline for an order, the following things will/may happen:

If you missed the deadline, the best way to overcome these situations is to discuss with your client and extend the delivery time.


Revisions on Fiverr is one of the most discussed, confusing & arguable parts. But if you read this post, it will answer most of your questions and give you real-world field data that you can use to take action wisely.