Source files on Fiverr

The source file is a customizable final product that a freelancer made on Fiverr. It could be a Photoshop file (PSD), Illustrator (ai), InDesign (INDD), Word document (doc, Docx), HTML, PHP, etc.

Source files are generally required for the following type of work:

When a buyer places an order on Fiverr, he/she may or may not need a source file. If the buyer needs a source file, it may be subject to an additional cost.

Source files on Fiverr

For example, a buyer placed an order to design a logo. The buyer will receive the logo in a PNG or JPG format as the final product. But if the buyer needs the actual design file that was created in Adobe Illustrator, then the buyer has to ask for the “Source File.” And it will cost them additional money if it’s not already included in the gig package.

The source file may also contain multiple files. For example, a logo designer can provide the file in PSD, AI, EPS, SVG, and other formats that you need.

Multiple source file for the same logo

In the above screenshot, you see that I received (as a buyer) multiple source files in many different formats such as AI, PSD, EPS, SVG, etc. This is actually the same logo but I need to create it using different tools.

If a buyer hired someone to write an article or blog post, the final product can be a PDF file. But if the buyer needs a source file for this order, the freelancer can provide the work in a “Word Document” e.g: a doc file. In this case, the doc file is the source file.

In a nutshell, source files are always editable files.

However, a seller can upload a non-editable file as the “Source File” but it has no meaning to a buyer. Because the buyer already got them in the “Attachment” section.

How do I create a source file on Fiverr?

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If you’re a seller on Fiverr and worked for your client, you really don’t need to create a source file somewhere else or differently.

The source file is the final product that you already have created. Just upload the file to your order page while delivering the order.

As mentioned above, it can be any graphic files or document files, or something else.

If you’re a writer, upload the word document as the source file, if you’re a programmer then upload your PHP, JS, or whatever code you have written.

Graphic designing work and tools

If you’re a buyer and you want to order a gig to design a logo, you need the source files for your logo. Otherwise, the designer may deliver the logo in a PNG or JPG file.

But if you’re serious about the logo, then you also need at least the AI file (Illustrator).

Also, some bad guys may download the logo from the internet and deliver it to you. But if you ask for an AI file, that would be hard to give someone else’s logo. If you have the AI file, you can also edit the file in the future. Such as you can change color, making updates to the design, etc. Also, if you give the AI file to some other designers, they can work on it.

Team work for better services

But if you only have the PNG or JPG, you can’t edit or update the logo in the future, and also you can’t convert it into a different version such as SVG.

In final words, you need the source files for your logo.

What is the source file in logo design on Fiverr?

Fanta logo colors

A source file for a logo design can be an Illustrator, PSD (Photoshop), EPS, or SVG file. The source file contains the logo colors, shapes, and everything involved that require to make the logo. And it’s always editable.

If you order the Illustrator file then you don’t need to separately order the SVG file. Because you can simply create/save the AI file as an SVG file in just 5 seconds. But if you’re not tech-savvy, you may offer them separately.

Keep in mind that a logo is generally used on the website, invoice, print materials, etc.

For the web, the SVG logo is the best file, and then PNG. Also, uploading an SVG file to your website can be a little trickier depending on your setup and knowledge base. So you need the logo both in PNG & SVG. If you can’t upload the SVG then upload PNG as the next option.

And never upload your logo in JPG format. Because JPG does not have transparency & it will mess up with other background colors on your website.

Finally, make sure that you have the Illustrator (AI) file for your logo design (also PNG & SVG).

What is “Source File” vs “Vector File” on Fiverr?

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A vector file simply means an Adobe Illustrator (AI) file. If you ordered a logo or any other graphical assets on Fiverr, make sure you also ordered the “Vector File” as the source file.

But if the graphic file needs to create in Photoshop, then you need a PSD file instead of a vector file.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to edit the logo or the graphic in the future and you have to start over.

If you don’t know, a vector-based file (AI) never becomes blurred or faded. On the other hand, pixel-based designs such as Photoshop design (PSD) can lose resolution if you increase the size.


The source file on Fiverr is generally “Package Extra” which will cost you additional money. But it’s worth it for many reasons. Especially for graphic design & programming-related work, the source file is a must. Source files are not only used for the future and modifying things but also proof of your unique work.