Is it worth Fiverr seller plus program?

Fiverr Seller Plus is a program that promises to thrive your freelancing business vigorously. Before I explain if it’s worth it or not, let me clarify who am I to evaluate their “Seller Plus” program.

I subscribed to the “Seller Plus” program in November 2021. So I have the practical experience to evaluate this program.

See my invoice for this program.

Invoice for Fiverr Seller Plus program
Invoice for my Seller Plus program

Shall we proceed now? Okay, let’s continue.

The seller plus program costs $29 per month. As they mentioned, you don’t need to insert any credit card to join.

The price may vary based on their marketing policy, current demand & supply capacity, etc. So the price is not the same for everyone & every time.

Once you’re invited or eligible for this program, you can join right away. Every month you can make the payment from your Fiverr balance or use any credit card or debit card like Payoneer.

Anyways, before joining the seller plus program, I already fulfilled all the requirements of being top-rated on Fiverr. I explore any new opportunities on Fiverr and then explain how they went. And this “Seller Plus” program is one of them.

There were two main benefits of this program that attracted me to join.

You can talk to a success manager via Skype/Zoom, email & chat. So I was very excited about that. Honestly, this was the only reason I joined “Seller Plus.”

On the other hand, the advanced analytics dashboard will show you the keywords that your gig ranks for and a few other data. That was also helpful.

How good and communicative was the “Success Manager” in the Fiverr Seller Plus program?

Keep in mind that the “Success Manager” is not always available for you or will not get in touch on demand. There are a few of them who have expertise in different industries.

Also, you can’t change your success manager randomly. As far as I can remember, you can change your success manager once a month.

To talk with a success manager, you have to take a schedule from his/her booking calendar (Calendly). So I picked the earliest date and time from the availability. However, I still have to wait for 5 days to get the schedule.

Booking confirmed with Fiverr Seller Plus success manager

Once my time came, I joined her Zoom meeting. But the problem happened when she did not join the meeting.

Since success managers are corporate people, so I thought they would be punctual. But I waited for 45 minutes and she never joined the meeting.

Then I emailed her and got a reply after half an hour. She said that she was connected the Zoom which was not true.

Because she mentioned a meeting link in her email which was the exact meeting where I had been waiting.

Anyways, she was asking me to schedule another meeting which means waiting for another week. How bizarre!

Email from Fiverr Seller Plus success manager

This was the short story with the “Seller Plus” success manager.

Not every “Success Manager” is equal, nor the situation is critical for everyone. However, I was disappointed.

The advanced analytics dashboard in Seller Plus

On the advanced analytics dashboard, you will find gig performance, order breakdown & top keywords. The top keywords section is helpful that showing the keywords your gigs are ranking for.

Using those keywords, you can reorganize your gig description, title & tags.

Is seller plus on Fiverr worth it?

I discussed a lot about my practical experience with this seller plus program. So you may have understood that we came to an end.

If you force me to answer in one sentence, I will confidently tell you that the seller plus program is not worth it.

I canceled my subscription to the seller plus program and will never come back to it.

However, if you think that the seller plus program will take you to the next level then you’re thinking wrong. That will never be going to happen.

Because you have to do the actual jobs yourself and there is no miracle in this program that can reach you to the next level.

If you ever came across Fiverr customer support, then you know how helpful they are. In my opinion, their success managers are part of their customer support team. So you will get a similar response from them.

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Fiverr is a for-profit business organization and they are trying to increase its revenue as much as it can. And there is nothing wrong with it.

Fiverr’s “Seller Plus” is one of the profit-generating programs that surely help their business to grow but it’s not helping the freelancers as they are promising. And this is what I experienced in this program.

You will find mind-blowing feedback from other sellers who enrolled in this seller plus program. However, Fiverr will never give a chance to sellers like me to leave feedback on their program. Even though they would give me a chance, they will never publish my review for their “Seller Plus” program.