Best alternatives to Fiverr

There are lots of Fiverr alternatives that have great potential to earn money online. Fiverr is an overcrowded freelancing website where freelancers fight with each other to decrease their prices. So if you’re thinking to find a place to work with dignity, explore these alternatives to Fiverr.

You may already have worked on Fiverr and ended up with unhappiness. And probably this is the main reason to seek an alternative option.

Here are my top picks:

  1. Upwork
  2. PeoplePerHour
  3. Freelancer
  4. Toptal
  5. Flexjobs
  6. Guru
  7. 99designs (graphic)
  8. Behance (graphic)
  9. Dribbble (graphic)
  10. Designhill (graphic)
  11. DesignCrowd (graphic)
  12. Textbroker (content)
  13. iWriter (content)
  14. BKA Content (content)
  15. Crowd Content (content)
  16. Content Writers (content)
  17. Verblio (content)

The above list contains three types of freelancing websites. From Upwork to Guru (1-6) are the general freelance marketplaces. The next 5 sites (7-11) are specific to graphic designers and the rest of them (12-17) are applicable to writers.

What are the best alternatives to Fiverr?

There are lots of freelancing sites out there. And we don’t even know all their names. Anyways, not all the sites are equal.

Some of them are easy to land jobs. Also, there are some other sites where a buyer can get a high-quality job done.

Let’s see some of the best Fiverr alternatives that anyone can use both as a buyer and freelancer.

1. Upwork


Upwork is the by far most and best alternative to Fiverr. They have hourly and fixed-price jobs. Also, they allow freelancers to create gigs similar to Fiverr.

I had been top-rated & have had a great experience working on Upwork. Anytime you face a problem, their customer support has willing to help. They don’t send you copy-paste template answers like Fiverr.

So if you’re thinking to join a new freelancing platform or want to hire a quality freelancer, Upwork can be a great alternative to Fiverr.

Things I don’t like about Upwork

2. PeoplePerHour

People per hour

It’s UK based & privately held company, and one of the oldest freelance marketplaces founded in 2007.

Moderators on PeoplePerHour review each application manually. And once you’re approved, you’ll get access to hundreds of their international clients.

PeoplePerHour has anti-fraud protection and 24 hours customer support.

It has a very similar UI to Fiverr. But they are not focused on the low pricing model like Fiverr. So you can expect to work with dignity.

Things I don’t like about PeoplePerHour

3. Freelancer slightly prioritizes quality over quantity which is different from Fiverr. However, Freelancer’s base price starts from $10 (USD).

It’s an Australia-based freelance marketplace. Founded by Matt Barrie in 2009. Its headquarter is in Sydney.

The website interface and work process are something similar to Fiverr. So can be a substitute for Fiverr.

However, freelancers are not able to join randomly. You need a government-issued identity card.

Things I don’t like about

4. Toptal


This is a great freelancing platform and can be a perfect replacement for Fiverr. However, joining Toptal is not easy as you may think.

Their statics shows that only 3% of freelancers get a chance to work on their website. In my personal experience, you may need 3/4 different interviews.

If you don’t know, they take interviews after you apply. If you fail, you have the option to brush up on your skill and sit for another interview.

Most importantly, Toptal does not charge any commission to freelancers. Also, your freelance career is secured on Toptal & you don’t have to worry about being fired which is totally opposite to Fiverr.

Things I don’t like about Toptal

5. Flexjobs

Flexjobs freelancing website

It’s a legitimate freelance marketplace for remote jobs. Flexjobs is perfect for both part-time & full-time freelance work. If you’re looking for a place for a side hustle, Flexjobs can be the right choice.

Mostly their jobs are vetted. Also, their job filtering system works well than Fiverr & others. And you can find your desired jobs through their platform.

At least you will not see hundreds of spam job posts as you see on Fiverr.

So Flexjobs can be another Fiverr alternative for you. Also, this platform is easy to navigate. If you’re a total beginner, you can start with Flexjobs without any hesitation.

Things I don’t like about Flexjobs

6. Guru

Guru freelancing website

Guru is one of the most underrated and overlooked freelancing platforms that has great potential. The attractive thing about Guru is the low commission for freelancers. Generally, the marketplace commission is 9% for freelancers. And this fee can be less depending on the membership level as follows:

Most freelancing websites charge 20% commission from freelancers whereas Guru charges only 9%. It’s totally different than Fiverr & others.

So if you’re a freelancer then Guru is not only an alternative to Fiverr but also a great replacement.

From programming to legal, you will get a wide range of fields to work in. They have both fixed and hourly rates to work with.

Things I don’t like about Guru

7-11. 99designs, Behance, Dribbble, Designhill, DesignCrowd

Graphic designing work and tools

These 5 platforms are very specific to graphic design. That means these five sites are only applicable if you’re a graphic designer.

I wrote detail about these freelancing platforms in a different post. So without reinventing the wheel, click the button below to find more detail.

All the buyers on these websites are only looking for graphic designers which is a big advantage if you’re a designer.

Things I don’t like about these niche marketplaces

12-17. Textbroker, iWriter, BKA Content, Crowd Content, Content Writers, Verblio

A woman is writing on her desk

Like graphic design sites, these 7 freelancing websites are specific to content writers.

So if you’re a content writer, these could be the right choice for you. All the clients on these platforms only seek writers. So it would be an extra privilege for you.

As a result, you can cut the competition and think of them as the Fiverr alternative and a great source of earning some real cash.

On the other hand, these are also great places for buyers to hire content writers.

Things I don’t like about these niche marketplaces

Frequently asked questions

What app is better than Fiverr?

Among the above list, Upwork mobile app is way much better than Fiverr. You can use Fiverr mobile app to chat with clients (like Fiverr), video call, share files, see the progress of your orders, etc.

Is Fiverr better than Upwork?

Fiverr & Upwork charge a similar amount (20%) to their freelancers. Both these two have a similar amount of customers. And many of the customers have accounts both on these two platforms.

However, in my personal experience & observation, I found that Upwork has a bigger number of high-paying customers than Fiverr.

Upwork is more transparent about past order prices. For example, if you see a freelancer’s profile, you will see the prices of past projects (if the freelancer does not make it private). And this is the same for client profiles. You can check the prices of a specific client ordered on Upwork.

But Fiverr doesn’t show the prices of past orders. So you can only see the number of reviews/orders completed by someone. But you don’t see their prices.

The next thing is the buyer requests or job posts. A new freelancer does not see sufficient buyer requests on Fiverr. On the other hand, Upwork is totally different than Fiverr. A new freelancer can browse lots of job posts.

Also, you will find hundreds of spam buyer requests on Fiverr. However, on Upwork, spam job posts are less than Fiverr. And you can flag or report any spam job post right on the spot.

Considering these key factors, Fiverr is not better than Upwork.

Is Guru better than Fiverr?

Depending on the marketplace commission, Guru can be a better option than Fiverr. Because Fiverr charges a 20% commission from Freelancers. On the other hand, Guru charges 9% or less depending on membership level.

Also, Guru does not hold your earnings in the clearing period for 14 days like Fiverr.

Depending on the payment system, Guru is better than Fiverr. However, depending on the client base or the volume of work Fiverr is better than Guru.

So, you can try both these two and focus on one platform that works the best for you.

Why are Fiverr prices so low?

The prices on Fiverr are low because of the unparallel competition, demography, geography, and the business policy of Fiverr. To learn more briefly, see why Fiverr is so cheap.


Fiverr is a freelancing website where anyone can expect a $100 service for $5 only. And most people are taking this advantage because it’s an overcrowded platform and also the freelancers are fighting with each other by decreasing their prices.

So if you want to work with dignity, this is the right time to find a couple of Fiverr alternatives and start working. In this post, I have introduced a lot of options and alternatives. If you found other alternatives to Fiverr that works well & legitimate, let me know.