proposal sample for upwork

Here I included proposal samples for Upwork that has given me the opportunity to win lots of interviews and jobs. No matter if you’re a web developer or graphic designer or something else, these templates can definitely help a lot.

I applied for lots of jobs on Upwork back in 2016 and beyond. After a year, I went through a couple of winning jobs and sorted out the respective proposals.

Among the winning proposals, I picked 4/5 of them and rewrote them more precisely to make the templates for future use. These are the great proposal samples that I am going to share with you.

Note that you need to edit the templates based on your niche and unique situation. Also, you should not send the same proposal over & over.

1st proposal sample for Upwork

Hi there,
I have just finished a similar job on Upwork & you can check the evidence as well as the client’s feedback. I have more than 1-year of experience in designing & developing websites.

So, if you would give me a chance to work on this project, I will try my best.

Here I want to note that I have worked 95 hours & finished 7 jobs on Upwork including eCommerce & business websites.

So, if you would give me a chance to work on this project, I will deliver the project within three days & obviously it will be perfect.

I would be happy to interview for this job.

Your Name

The above example is applicable to web designers and developers. But don’t worry! You can definitely take advantage of it and even if you’re working in a different field.

If you look at the above proposal, you will notice a few things that have great value to the clients. If you don’t find the value, check the underlined words in the application.

Why does it (1st sample) work

Below I am going to explain why those are important facts and why does it work.

2nd proposal sample (Article writer and SEO)

Hello there,

Being an experienced article writer in the psychology field, I can deliver well-researched and SEO-friendly blog articles on any Anxiety, Depression, and Stress related topics.

Why should you hire me?

  1. 2600+ completed projects and 9 years of experience.
  2. Grammatically error-free text.
  3. 100% Plagiarism free. I use Copyscape Premium.
  4. On-time delivery.

My recent articles:
[share a couple of live article links]

Please leave me a message so we can initiate a discussion.

Your name

The above proposal sample best works for SEO gurus and content writers. I was hiring the writers before I build my own team. There are a few writers who wrote great proposals and also delivered great results. This (2nd proposal) is one of them. Also, I modified a couple of lines to make it stand out.

Why does it (2nd sample) work

The freelancer wrote an outstanding proposal that attracted me to hire him. He explained and mentioned the things that I was looking for. Here is why does it work:

3rd proposal sample (Article writer)


I’m a seasoned English writer with a strong background in professional writing.

I have a wealth of experience and a passion for creating professional and memorable content.

I have written a book on Anxiety and depression.

Kindly go through the sample provided below.

[Link of the samples]

Please leave me a message so we can initiate a discussion.

Your name

I hired the freelancer who wrote this application and I received great content. Not to mention, I edited the actual proposal and made it more outstanding.

Why does it (3rd sample) work

This proposal was for the same project as the 2nd one. I mentioned the most strength of the above proposal below:


Upwork is a very competitive freelance marketplace just like any others. Bidding and writing proposals for the jobs are the main way to get hired. In most cases, you have to compete with 50 other freelancers to win a job. That means a lot of freelancers are applying for the same jobs in your industry.

However, the buyers don’t go through each of the applications and read them one by one. So you have to be careful when writing proposals on Upwork. Otherwise, you may not hear back from the clients.

So includes those words and topics on your proposal that your client is curious to read about. Also, don’t forget to provide your past work samples with the proposal. If you can implement these things on your application, hopefully, you’ll get interview calls frequently. Otherwise, you may end up with unhappiness even no matter how many proposal samples you try on Upwork.