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There are various freelance jobs out there but many newbies pick a niche without much thinking. Here I listed a wide range of easy freelance jobs that will help beginners to brainstorm & choose the right job category.


#01 Articles and blog post writing

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The article & blog post writing is the same & similar thing in this context. The only difference I can tell you is that the article generally refers to long-form posts. On the other hand, a blog post refers to short posts. Either way, both are the same thing that is writing content for blogs.

Article and blog post writing is one of the most in-demand skills in the freelance market. The more in-depth articles you write the more orders & dignity you will receive.

#02 Proofreading and editing content

The proofreading involves checking a whole document for typos, grammatical errors, etc.

And editing is a high-end correction process that involves changing the flow of an existing document. That means telling a subject or story differently that is easier to digest & understand.

The proofreading and editing jobs are easy for those who know English very well. Because most of the proofreading and editing jobs you will see is English than any other language. So it’s important to be well versed in English before you start freelance jobs in this category.

#03 Resume writing

All we have experience in writing resumes especially for ourselves. I believe you also have written resumes (CV) for yourself.

But do you know resume writing is a high-demand skill in the global market? I saw a couple of professionals who charges $100+just to write a 1/2 page resume. Not only that, there are lots of people who are highly interested and in need of this professional service.

So if you know how to showcase skills & expertise and highlight the strength of a person then you will do better in this resume writing job.

If you need inspiration in this sector, see some of my mutual connections on Linkedin (who have proven their expertise in resume writings): Lesa Edwards, Leander Howard, Sarah Jewell, Sue Worden (I am not affiliated with them and I am not promoting them. This is just to help you one step further).

#04 Reorganizing Linkedin profile

Linkedin is totally different than any other social media platform out there. It’s a place where professionals make connections with each other and build a network. Aside from that, Linkedin also has job listings. A person or company can hire other persons on Linkedin.

So professional Linkedin profile does matter who is serious about the platforms. But many people don’t know how to create & write a professional profile that is also easy to find on search results. And you can help in this regard and reorganize & rewrite their Linkedin profiles. So recruiters and other people can find them for specific terms.

If this Linkedin profile rebranding job attracts you but if you don’t know how to do it, then you can learn it online. After that, you can test your skills on your own Linkedin profile and if you found progress then you can start pitching to other people. Below I have included a couple of Udemy courses that teach how to build professional Linkedin profiles:

  1. Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile
  2. LinkedIn Profile for Professionals and Company Leaders
  3. Career Hacking: World’s Bestselling Job Search Course

#05 Sales copywriting

Sales copywriting is a special type of writing whose sole purpose & the main goal is to make sales. Some of the examples are product description writing, landing page content, brochures, and even advertising scripts.

A sales copywriter’s main job is to write the product story in a such way that businesses can attract new customers and sell their products on a large scale.

Every day we see many advertisements online while visiting websites, Youtube videos, etc. Most of the time we want to skip those advertisements. But some advertisements attract us in a way that we can’t skip them and we see/read them until the end. And this is what the sales copywriters do.

#06 Email newsletter writing

Every day we receive newsletters in our email but we do not interact with them (mostly). And even we do not open many of them. Even though we have subscribed for their emails.

On the other hand, there are some emails we open, read a few words, and then leave & don’t take any action. The senders may want us to click on their links to read a specific article or buy a product.

Sending a poorly written newsletter generally causes these issues. And this is what a newsletter writer can help with.

It’s also a beginner-friendly freelance job that anyone can learn very quickly and help business owners.

#07 Ebook writing

Ebook or PDF guides are very popular nowadays. Aside from selling the downloadable ebooks, they are also used for collecting leads, publishing them on Amazon Kindle, etc.

The purpose & goal may differ from business to business. But as a writer, your job is the write a complete guide, story, educational material, etc under a given topic.

If you don’t know Ebook writers are also known as “Ghostwriters” and they do not reserve any rights for the final products. However, they get paid for their writings.

So if you know any topic very well then you can help people to write Ebooks on that topic. Also, you can learn how to research and write Ebooks on various subjects. If you need more help with learning Ebooking writings, I recommend the following courses for beginners:

  1. Kindle Secrets: How I Wrote a Best Selling eBook In 72 hours
  2. Self-publishing: Amazon Kindle eBook & Book Self-publishing
  3. Non-fiction: Writing Short Non-fiction eBooks for Amazon
  4. Bestseller Book Marketing: Amazon Kindle KDP Self-Publishing

Animation and video:

#08 Whiteboard explaining

It’s one of the easiest jobs that any beginner can try. Whiteboard generally contains voice, animation, and background music.

However, you don’t have to create those animations from scratch. There are lots of software that you can use to make a whiteboard animation explainer. Doodly is one of the known examples but there are lots of them.

The most important aspect of creating a whiteboard explainer is your imagination. You already have all the necessary tools in the software and you have to think about how to better visualize the fact.

Whiteboard animation explainer best suits beginners who don’t want to do any complex job at this moment.

#09 Intro animation

Every day you see intro animation but you have not noticed it as a profession. These are mostly animating the logos that we see in many places such as TV & news channels, video advertisements, etc. See an example of intro animation in the video below:

#10 Screencasting videos

Screencasting is an easy job for anyone who knows computers and has an internet connection.

These are mainly how-to (video) guides that are created to show how to use a website, app, software, or service.

At the starting stage of this screencasting job, you don’t even need any paid software. You can use free tools like Loom in order to record your screen & voice.

#11 Spokesperson videos

If you don’t know, there are lots of people around the globe who feel shy to speak in front of a camera. And this is where spokespersons come into play.

Also, there are other use cases such as if you:

  1. have a great voice
  2. can represent a matter better than others
  3. know a language that your customer doesn’t know well

So if you work as a spokesperson, your customer will give you a script (text) and you have to explain it in front of a camera. And you have to record, edit (if needed), and send it to the customer as the final product.

Have you noticed how easy the process it is! If you do well in this job, there are other big opportunities that may come to you.

#12 App previews:

Have you noticed how many mobile apps are on the Google Play Store and iTunes! All these apps require promo videos, explainers, previews, and other marketing videos.

Among them creating app previews is one of the easiest tasks. You can create professional app previews using 3rd party software like Renderforest. See a demo & example of an app preview in the video below:

You will find hundreds of app preview templates out there. Also, you can edit any template to match your need. And even you can use your own intuition to build a preview from scratch.

Jobs are excluded those are not easy for beginner-level freelancers. However, I will keep adding more easy jobs as soon find a new one. These jobs best suit beginners, anyone who needs a side hustle, or wants to make it a full-time living source in the feauture. By the way, do not choose a work randomly or just for the sake of income. I listed this wide field of job sectors so you can do a brainstorm and see what is possible as a newbie. But if you ask me, I would suggest going with the field or job that you enjoy working in.