Buyer cancel order after delivery on Fiverr

A buyer can cancel an order on Fiverr after delivery. Fiverr gives the freedom to the buyer whether to accept the order or not. And even the buyer can cancel the order and get their money back even if you delivered the full service as promised.

In a nutshell, buyers are the king on Fiverr. They clearly said to their clients that payment will be never released to the seller until the client accepts the order.

See the screenshot below that has been taken from Fiverr’s landing page:

Fiverr's commitment to the buyers
Fiverr’s commitment to the buyers

So it does not matter if you deliver the order or not, the buyer can always cancel the order.

Not only that, a buyer can cancel an order even after they got full service.

For example, you are a writer and you were hired to write an article & also you delivered the article to the buyer. The buyer can still cancel the order even if they used your article.

All we know is that it’s not right both ethically & logically. But Fiverr has designed its platform in this way.

But a buyer can not cancel an order after accepting the delivery or after the auto-completion. Learn more about it »

Not all clients are equal but most of the bad buyers take this opportunity & misuse it. And the sellers always become victims.

In my personal experience, I never heard of or seen any seller who wined by going through the dispute process in such a case.

So, if you can manage your buyer with revisions, that would be great. But if the buyer doesn’t want to understand you then it’s better to let it go without wasting your time. You can learn more about when you should cancel an order as a seller.

What happens with the buyer’s money after order cancellation?

Though the seller’s situation is always vulnerable in the cancellation process, Fiverr always keeps its own position on the safe side. They are really intelligent enough.

After canceling an order, the money is added to the buyer’s Fiverr account (balance). And it does not go to the buyer’s bank account or card.

The buyer is not allowed to withdraw the fund (that comes from order cancellation). They must have to spend the money on Fiverr (in the future).

That means Fiverr always gets its service fee from clients & commissions from sellers (today or tomorrow).

If this is something you’re not agreeing with, you’re free to find some Fiverr alternatives. Every freelancing platform has its own terms of service and you have to comply before you start working. However, most other platforms do not aggressively stand with the buyer side when it comes to refunds.


Anyways, a buyer can cancel an order on Fiverr after delivery and even receive the full service. Do you think that Fiverr is doing it correctly? If not, then how they can improve the resolution process? Let me know.