Fiverr fees calculation

Fiverr takes a 20% fee from sellers and 5% from buyers. Also, Fiverr takes a commission from the tips. In this post, I will discuss everything about Fiverr fees in detail.

Fiverr fees for sellers

Fiverr commission from a completed order
Fiverr fees for sellers

From the above screenshot of a completed order, the total price was $800 (green) and I earned $640 (red). Here is the calculation of the Fiverr fee:

Fiverr took (800-640) = $160

That means,

If the total price is $800, then Fiverr gets = $160
If the total price is $100, then Fiverr gets = (160 × 100) ÷ 800 = $20

That means Fiverr takes 20 percent of the total price. And the freelancer gets 80 percent.

Fiverr fees for buyers

Fiverr charges 5% to the buyers if the gig price is over $40. The minimum charge for buyers is $2 (USD). That means if the gig price is equal to or below $40, then Fiverr will charge the buyer $2 only.

No matter if it’s buying a gig or a tip for a seller, Fiverr will always charge buyers as well.

See the screenshot below that refers to an expense report for buying a gig and sending tips to the seller:

Order expense, buyer fee, charge for tip
Fiverr charges buyers both for buying gigs and sending tips to the seller. This screenshot also shows the minimum buyer fee.

In the business overview, Fiverr claims that its business model is straightforward and that its primary source of revenue is transaction-based fees. And from successful transactions, Fiverr gets 20% from the sellers.

Part of business overview (Fiverr)
Part of the business overview (Fiverr).

Does Fiverr take a cut of tips?

In the above section, I showed you that Fiverr charges buyers also for sending tips.

But you might be thinking does it also takes a commission from the seller’s tip? And I am confirming that Fiverr also takes a cut of tips from sellers.

That means if a buyer sends a $100 tip to a seller, Fiverr will charge $5 to the buyer and $20 to the seller.

At this point, you might be thinking it would be great if Fiverr would not charge for tips! You’re great but there are other sellers & buyers who would misuse that opportunity. Learn more about freelancing on Fiverr.

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Fiverr takes a fee both from sellers and buyers. And even Fiverr takes a 20% commission from the tips. After then, funds are released to the sellers (80%). To be more specific, the fund does not directly go to the seller’s bank account. It goes through 14 day clearing period (7 days for top-rated & “Seller Plus” members).

Fiverr fees are equal for all levels of sellers and every type of buyer.