Best size for Fiverr gig images

Fiverr has its own guideline for gig images. But most new sellers take it the wrong way. I will show the best image size for gigs that will present your gig appropriately on all types of devices. Such as mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.

Also, this post will show you the technics to create the gig image in such a way that it looks good on the gig page, search page, and any other areas on Fiverr.

What is the best image size for Fiverr gigs?

Fiverr’s guideline shows that the recommended gig image size is 1280px x 769px with a resolution of 72 pixel/inch.

The minimum image size can be 712px x 430px and the maximum size can be 4000px x 2416px.

If you search on Google for the “Fiverr gig image size” it shows 550 pixels by 370 pixels which is no longer a valid answer in 2022.

Google search result (snippet) for Fiverr gig image size

Google shows this snippet from the Fiverr community that was answered by someone in 2021.

Anyways, the recommended image size for gigs is 1280px x 769px in 2022. But there is a caveat.

If you upload an image with this size, it will look good on the individual gig page. But the image will cut down on the search result page.

Recommended size of image (1280px x 769px) has cutted down both from left & right side.

You know that buyers don’t come to your gig directly. They search on Fiverr and then click on the search results to visit individual gigs. So it’s important to display the image properly on the search result pages.

As you see on the above screenshot, I uploaded a gig thumbnail with the recommended size (1280px x 769px). This image looks good on the individual gig page. But it does not look good on the search result page.

I had an 8px border on the gig image. As you see on the above screenshot, the border has disappeared both from the left & right sides.

My aim is not to find the faults but give you the exact measurements so you can get the most output from your gig image.

Anyways, I did a little more experiment and uploaded another image with a new size. And it does not get cut down on the search results page.

Properly design gig image displayed in the Fiverr search result

So now if you ask me what is the best size for the Fiverr gig image, the answer is 1280px x 752px. And if you want to resize the gig image according to your design, make sure to use the correct ratio of 80:47.

The content area of the Fiverr gig image

If you check any of the gigs on your mobile device or using the Fiverr mobile app, you will notice that most of the gig images are formatted improperly. And a small portion of the content on the images is invisible.

That means buyers can’t see the whole content on the image on mobile (for most gigs).

From the above discussion, you know that the best image size for the gig is 1280px x 752px and the proper dimension is 80:47 if you want to resize the image.

In order to show the full content area on the gig image (on mobile), you have to keep some whitespace on the image. Here whitespace means the blank space from all 4 directions.

To get the most out of it, leave 300px blank space in the horizontal direction (150px from left & 150px from right). And leave 100px blank space in the vertical direction (50px from top & 50px from bottom).

This will give you a perfect gig image that will look nice and will be properly formatted on all devices.

Fiverr gig image on mobile app
Fiverr gig image on the mobile device

On the above screenshot, the yellow area is the main gig image and the green area is the content area.

Download the Fiverr gig image template

After you download the gig image template, you will find a JPG image just like the screenshot below.

Content area on the Fiverr gig image
1280px x 752px

The yellow area is the whole gig image and the green area is the content area. The green area is always visible on all screen sizes.

Download Fiverr gig image template

Frequently asked questions about gig image

What is the best size of the Fiverr gig image in 2022?

The best size is 1280px x 752px for gig images in 2022. As mentioned at the top, Google shows a search result snippet showing that it’s 550 pixels by 370 pixels but it’s no longer a correct answer in 2022.

Individual gig & the search result page need different aspects of the image. However, the search results page is more important than the individual gig page.

Because buyers see the gig on the search page first and then go to the individual gig page. And that is why you have to make sure that your gig thumbnail shows correctly on the search page and also on the gig page.

What is the maximum size of a gig image?

The maximum size of a gig image is 4000px x 2416px and the gig image should not exceed 5MB.

Gig image exceeded the maximum size on Fiverr
Fiverr gig image exceeded the maximum size of 5MB

However, even though the maximum dimension (image size) is 4000px x 2416px but Fiverr does not hold you back from uploading more than that.

To test this feature, I tried to upload an image whose size was 10,000px x 6,034px and I was able to upload it successfully. That means Fiverr allows any larger size until it exceeds 5MB.


Fiverr gig image is important because of the completion on the marketplace. A buyer can see a couple of things on a search page such as seller level, ratings, gig thumbnail, title, etc. And the proper gig image can attract buyers on Fiverr.

The proper image size can present your gig appropriately. Fiverr gig image needs different sizes for search page and individual gig page. So you have to take this into consideration when creating & uploading a gig image on Fiverr.