How to upload animated GIF logo on WordPress website

After uploading a GIF logo on WordPress, it looks like a JPG/PNG picture and it does not animate. The issue was generated by cropping the GIF (in most cases). But if you upload the GIF without cropping, it will solve the issue. Let me show how:

How do I insert a GIF logo into WordPress?

After you log in to the WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Appearance » Customize” & then “Site Identity” and then upload your logo.

But wait! Most people make the mistake here…

After uploading the GIF and selecting it, WordPress will ask you whether to crop the image or not. Click on “Skip Cropping” and hit publish. See the screenshot below what I mean:

Logo cropping option on WordPress
Click on “Skip cropping”

By doing this (skip cropping), WordPress will not crop the GIF logo and you’ll see the logo is animating. To clarify one step further, see the process once again (below):

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Can I use a GIF for the logo on WordPress?

Yes, you can definitely use a GIF as the logo but make sure you have not cropped it. Otherwise, it will stop animating and stay as a JPG image.

Why are my GIFs not working on WordPress?

If you crop the GIF then it will not animate and work on the WordPress website as you expect.

How do I upload an animated logo in WordPress?

The process of uploading an animated logo is the same as in other formats. After you log in to the WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Appearance » Customize” & then “Site Identity“, here you’ll find the option to upload the logo. Upload your animated logo and skip cropping in order to animate it properly.

How do I add a GIF to my blog?

First, find or upload your own GIF to a 3rd party & free image hosting such as Giphy, Imgur, etc. But do not upload GIFs to your WordPress media library.

Anyways, once you uploaded the GIF or found a GIF that you want to add to your blog, open it. Find the embed code and take a copy of the embed code on your clipboard.

Next, go to your blog and take an HTML block and paste the embed code. That’s it!GIF embed code on Giphy and Imgur

Where can I get animated GIFs? is the best source for getting & uploading GIFs. But if you want to explore more about other platforms, see a list written by Hubspot.

This is how you can upload a GIF logo on your WordPress website and make it animated. But if your issue is different and if you’re still struggling with it, let me know.