random string

WooCommerce plugin generates the extra & random string end of the URL. The string looks similar to “v=xx” in the URL of your WordPress website. It helps WooCommerce to calculate tax & shipping based on visitors’ location. However, it may look awkward on the website. And you can remove the random string or unknown characters end of the URL.

Remove WordPress random string from URL

Time needed: 5 minutes

Login to your WordPress dashboard and follow the steps

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce => Settings

    Woocommerce settings

  2. Find the option “Default customer location” under “General” tab

    Default customer location

  3. Set it to “No location by default”

    Also, you can choose another option called ‘Shop base addressNo location by default

  4. Save Changes

    Finally don’t forget to save your changes.Save changes button

This setting will solve your permalink issue.

The random strings are unique. And those extra characters are automatically generated based on visitors’ location & per unique visit.

redesign old website

The unknown characters are added to the end of your URL. For example- www.yoursite.com/?v=3dd6b9265ff1

At the first sight, it may seem the website is redirecting to a different URL. But it’s not the case. And even it’s not an error. It’s just for calculating the shipping & tax based on the user’s location.

However, now you know how to remove the random string from the WordPress website. And also you know the reason why WooCommerce creates those strings. Were you able to remove it? Let me know ↓