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WordPress website migration

Website migration service

Migrate your WordPress website to new hosting without losing content & SEO rank. It’s not only website migration to a new hosting but also applicable for other related scenarios.

I helped more than 50 people to migrate their websites. And nobody regretted hiring me. So if you are looking for an expert web developer to migrate your site, you can rely on me.

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Skype: shihabdinajpur
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Do not just take my words for it

As a web developer & website owner, I know how important is your website to you. So I will ensure safety & security before moving forward. Here is how:

  1. I will take a complete backup of your website for saftey precautions.
  2. Then I will restore the backup on my localhost & check if the backup is working precisely.
  3. If the backup works correctly, I will replace the Nameservers in the third step.
  4. Once the domain is propagated with new hosting, I will install WordPress on the new hosting.
  5. Finally, I will restore the website on your new hosting.

So if I find any problem during the migration process, you will not lose anything. Because I take the complete backup in step-1, and I checked the backup in step-2. So your website is totally safe to start over the migration process if necessary.

I could complete the process in two steps but I maintain the above five steps for safety precautions. Generally, I have not faced too much trouble in the past projects but what if the problem happens while transferring your site! So the five steps transferring process keeps everything secure. Again, you can depend on me.

How much does it cost for a website migration service?

Calculator, cost for website migration

Generally, the cost is 40 USD. But if your website is too small, then I can reduce the price. To provide you with the exact quote, I have to check the URL first. To get a quote/price, you do not have to provide/share any credentials.

How much time does it take to migrate the website?

Stopwatch, time to website migration

The website migration takes less than 1 hour. But the domain propagation generally takes 2/3 hours. The highest time is 72 hours for domain propagation but generally, it propagates within 2/3 hours. And I have no control over the domain propagation.

Is there any chance to loss website traffics after the migration?


No. You will find it, exactly it was before. The permalink & its structure, content, plugin settings, and everything in between will be the same after the migration.

And even if your site has any third-party tools integration, those will also work the same as in the past.

The only problem happens with your email accounts. If you were using any business email like Gsuite or Outlook, we will update the DNS records. So you’ll start receiving the emails. But if you were using self-hosted email accounts, then you/we have to create those manually on the new server.

So other than the email interruption (for 3/4 hours), the rest of your site will work just fine.

What will happen with the SEO rank after the migration?

SEO rank after website migration

Nothing will happen. Because we will migrate from the WP installation to the database and everything in between. And even, it will include the ‘.htaccess’, ‘sitemap.xml’, and any other files that you have uploaded to verify third-party integration.

Therefore, we will check the Google Analytics, Search Console, and other connections you may have.

How to communicate or contact me?

Contact for website migration

Send me an email at to get a response within 15 minutes (normally). You can also call me by phone or Skype. Please visit my contact page for more contact methods. Use anyone of the method that is easier for you.

What is the payment process?

Credit card, payment method for website migration

You can make the payment via Paypal, Payoneer, or any credit card. No additional charges. See the price upfront before starting the migration.

But if you want to make the payment via any escrow platform then I will charge 20% extra to balance the marketplace commission.

Aside from website migration, I can also help you with related services like the below scenarios:

  • Migrate WordPress site to different domain.
  • Move WordPress site to subdomain & vice versa.
  • Localhost (XAMPP, MAMP, WAMP, Flywheel) to Livehost migration.
  • Managed WordPress hosting to cPanel hosting.
  • cPanel hosting to managed WordPress hosting.
  • Exact clone of your site.

I’m familiar with most of the trending hosting companies such as Bluehost, DreamHost, GoDaddy, Hostinger, iPage, Justhost, Namecheap, SiteGround, tsoHost, WP Engine, and much more.

What info I need to migrate your website

Login credentials for the following:

  1. WordPress website
  2. Domain register (from where you bought your domain)
  3. New hosting

If you have limitations to sharing those login credentials, I can still perform the website migration. In this case, we both have to cooperate with TeamViewer. Also, it will increase the total cost because it takes longer than the general method.

Website migration is one of the easiest tasks but sometimes it’s trickier if anything goes wrong. But I guarantee 100% successful migration without losing a single content, traffics & SEO rank.

I think you need this website migration at the earliest time possible and without too much downtime. And I am committed to providing you the best service within my capabilities. Contact me to migrate your WordPress website to a new hosting or any other location.