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We only store your email address while you register on our website at Shihabiiuc.Com. And also while you purchase any of our web design & development services. This email is only used to contact/communicate with you and to provide you with better service.

Your password is hashed before storing it on our database. So there are no future vulnerabilities with your account. Also, we developed our website Shihabiiuc.Com maintaining best practices, using the latest & cutting-edge technologies. So your account is 100% secured on our website/database.

We’ll not share your personal information with anyone else which has been gathered during the development process and while communicating with you. Only the client’s feedback/review isn’t included in this specific statement.

We collect general visitors’ IP address, location, and other technical information such as which type of browser, operating system they used while visiting our website Shihabiiuc.Com.

We use cookies on our website Shihabiiuc.Com and these cookies are stored temporarily & it expires after 24 hours. This is simple session data that help us to recognize you/your browser for the next visit.