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Git is one of the most popular version control systems that keep track of changes to your projects. I talk about Git, commands, resolving issues like merge conflicts, and Git hosting servers like GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.

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  • Web Development

    I have been developing websites since I started freelancing in 2016. Along the way, I made many mistakes and learned from them. There are many struggles I have come across & tried to document my web development journey. None of these are personal stories. These are solutions to the problems that I faced over the years. These web development-related posts also helped hundreds of other developers, which is what I know so far.

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  • WordPress

    WordPress is another topic that I could include in the "Web Development" category. But I talked too many times about this CMS. And that is why I thought it needs its own category to breathe.

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  • Freelancing

    Do you want to know about freelancing in depth? Here are all the resources you will ever need. From tiny small topics to in-depth analysis and everything that I have learned since 2016.

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