Usability of this tool

This is an online username-generator tool that will help you to generate ideas based on your input.

In the input field, type any desired word and click the button “Generate.” This will create a random username. If you don’t like the first output, click the button again until you find a match.

If you click the button “Copy,” it will take a copy of the generated username on your clipboard. After then, you can paste it anywhere.

You also have the option to increase or decrease the username length.

I tried to make this username generator tool as simple as possible. But if you have any usability issues or suggestions, please let me know.

Why I restricted certain characters in this username generator?

As you know, a username is different than a password. A password can contain any weird characters. But in usernames, it’s the opposite.

If you use special characters or symbols in a username, it won’t be accepted on most websites.

The most commonly accepted usernames can contain letters, numbers & underscores. This is what I have seen during the last 7 years of my web development experience.

So I made this tool in such a way that your username can be accepted all around the web. And this is one of the main differences from other online username generators.

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