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Why Free Hostings Are Dangerous for Your Website & Visitors?

Bad server

Website hosting is very important for a website. It helps to provide the best user experience, speed & security. A host helps in keeping your files safe so that you can access them easily. Improper web hosting can lead to a negative SEO ranking, losing revenue for businesses, potential security threats, and attacks. Many people look for free hosting of websites but it might lend them in trouble. It may also cause problems for their visitors. Threats from free website hostings Free website hosting cost you nothing but are they worth it? Whenever going for a free website service, look […]

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What Are Web Browsers – Simplistic Explanation

Web Browsers

Web browsers have become a versatile source for work. It can answer your questions, you can do shopping, video-chatting, and many more things. So, most people use it for a lot of purposes. But not all people know about reputable & phishing/bad browsers. In this post, you are going to know what those are and the name of the most reputable web browsers. Most people know it as the internet browser. But from a technical point of view, these are installable software & programmed in such a way that gives the ability to interact with the web. And it allows […]

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What is website design?

Web page design, infographic

If you want to hold a strong grip in the digital world, you must know about the role of web design in any field. You should be aware of how web design works and what is its importance. It will help you in making any product or service platform. Have you ever wondered which thing is attractive in all the apps, games, websites that we use? It is the interface of these things that provide us with a better experience. So how to get that interface? It is possible through web designing. What is Web Design? Web Design includes a […]

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What is WordPress Theme?

Since you’re wondering about what is a WordPress theme, it indicates that you are new to this field. However, a WordPress theme is an instrument/tool on the WordPress platform that gives you the ability to build, customize or redesign your website to look as unique as you desire. The theme is responsible to display or present your content in a specific way. Also, a theme is responsible to communicate with the database such as inserting & displaying data, checking for proper authentications & user permissions, security, etc. I am sure, in all your time on the internet, you must have […]

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What Is a Syntax Error?

Syntax error live example

This question may have been in your mind whenever you are working in computer programs. Well, it is the error that occurs in the source code of a computer program known as a syntax error. And it can occur due to the mistakes in your code. For example- if you do not put a semicolon end of a PHP tag, or you put more than one bracket after a function, it can result in a syntax error. The computers are very strict in the syntax of a programming language, and any mistake in the syntax will hamper the correct compilation […]

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