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How to optimize your WordPress website using SmallSEOTools?

small seo tools

Creating an extraordinary WordPress website isn’t a difficult task anymore. With a bit of programming knowledge and an understanding of how websites are developed, anyone can create WordPress websites within a few minutes. However, optimizing a website is a time-taking and hectic task. Moreover, it also requires consistent efforts to optimize websites to achieve better ranking and provide a great user experience. Usually, you would have seen that most people struggle to optimize websites. It happens because of two main reasons. First, website owners or admins don’t know the best strategies to optimize website content. Second, they are unaware of […]

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What Is a Syntax Error?

Syntax error live example

This question may have been in your mind whenever you are working on computer programs. Well, it is the error that occurs in the source code of a computer program known as a syntax error. And it can occur due to mistakes in your code. For example- if you do not put a semicolon end of a PHP tag, or you put more than one bracket after a function, it can result in a syntax error. The computers are very strict in the syntax of a programming language, and any mistake in the syntax will hamper the correct compilation of […]

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