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Do you want to find out the name of the hosting company of a website? The hosting checker online tools can help with it.

Hosting Checkers is an online tool that scans websites to find the hosting name. These tools are free to use and there are lots of them out there.

In the list below, I have included the topmost well-performing hosting checker tool that gives you the most accurate information. However, the hosting information may not be accurate always, especially when someone using CDN. I will discuss more it later.

SLHosting CheckerLink
1hosting checker site identity (
Hosting Checker
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2hosting checker (
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3Hosting checker (
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4Hosting checker (
accu web hosting
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5Hosting checker (
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6Hosting checker (
Check host
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7Hosting checker (
IP Location
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8Hosting checker (
Small SEO Tools
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9Hosting checker (
Search Engine Reports
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10Hosting checker (
Dupli Checker
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List of hosting checker tools

In most cases, these tools find the hosting names based on Nameservers and IP addresses. The problem happens if a website owner uses Cloudflare or any other 3rd party CDN.

You can also use domain registration data lookup tools to find more brief about a website. The data lookup tools give you the information about the domain registration date, last update & expiration date.

Also, you can find the hosting information (nameservers) using these lookup tools.

Depending on the individual privacy, the lookup tools also show the contact address and email of a website owner. But again, it depends on the privacy setup (protection) of the website owner.

Below I have listed a couple of registration lookup tools:

FAQ about website hosting checker tools

What is a hosting provider checker?

These are an online tool that gives you the hosting information about a website. It works based on the Nameservers they find. And the hosting name may not be accurate every time. So it’s better to check a website with multiple tools.

How can I find my hosting details?

Go to any of the hosting checker tools from the list (table), input the domain name, and hit enter. This will show you the hosting details including nameservers, IP, etc.

How do I test my hosting performance?

Hosting performance depends on various things such as the type of the hosting (if it’s shared, dedicated, could, etc), RAM, processor, storage, bandwidth, CPU/vCPU, etc. However, if you want to get an assumption about the hosting performance, use the following speed test tools:
1. GTmetrix
2. Pingdom
2. PageSpeed Insights

Do you still have any questions? Let me know.

Which of the hosting checker you like the most and why? Do you see any missing tools that should I include in this post?