Text editor, google analytics code

To find the tracking code of your Google Analytics property, follow these 4 steps:

1. Login to Google Analytics

Login to your Google Analytics account and select the right property (if you have multiple properties). You’ll find the option in the top-left corner. See the screenshot.

select google analytics property
Select the right property

2. Navigate to Admin menu

On the bottom-left edge, you’ll see a link (menu) called “Admin.” Click on it (see screenshot).

Google analytics admin menu
Google Analytics Admin Menu

3. Click on the Tracking Info

In the second column (property), click on “Tracking Info” (see screenshot below).

Google analytics tracking info menu
Tracking Info

And then click on “Tracking Code” in the dropdown menu. See the screenshot below.

Google Analytics tracking code link
Tracking Code Link

4. Grab your tracking code

Google Analytics tracking code

After you click the link (tracking code), it will expand and show you the tracking code. Now you can copy the tracking code and paste it into the <head> of your HTML file. That’s it!


Where I can get the Analytics tracking ID?

Follow the same steps mentioned above and you’ll find the tracking ID just above the tracking code.Google Analytics tracking ID

Does google analytics cost money?

No, it’s free. A single Analytics account can contain 100 properties.

Where should I place the Google Analytics tracking code?

In between the head tag of your HTML file. And Google suggests pasting the code as the first item of the head tag.