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There are various types of hosting plans out there. Such as “Dedicated, VPS, Shared, WordPress, WordPress Managed” etc. The name of the hosting plans is confusing when it comes to buying them for the first time, especially for beginners. Now the question is which hosting plan is the right for you or which one is the best?

Exactly I will answer this question and help you to pick the right hosting plan/package.

No matter which hosting company you like, most of them have similar plans & packages that I mentioned at the beginning.

Which hosting plan is the best for a beginner

Assuming you’re planning to build a new website as soon as possible. So keep three things in mind:

  1. You don’t have any existing traffics or visitors at this time.
  2. Your new website will not get huge traffic overnight and it will take some time.
  3. Also, you have to make sure that you need good server speed so that your website loads quickly.

So considering the above three points, you don’t need an exclusive hosting plan & package at the beginning. Purchasing a costly hosting package will not hurt your website but waste your money.

You really don’t need dedicated or VPS hosting when you’re getting started. A simple “Shared Hosting” will be just perfect for beginners.

So, you can go ahead and buy shared hosting without any hesitation. Check some industry-standard hosting companies (below) that have excellent shared hosting plans.

Shared hostings


bluehost shared hosting page
Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost is by far the most reliable hosting company when it comes to performance, customer support & technical help.

Before writing this article, I personally used Blueshot for 3 years.

I don’t recommend a product or service that I have not used personally. From my personal experience & observation, I can definitely recommend Bluehost (shared hosting) for anyone who wants to start a new website and even who has 5K monthly traffics.


Hostgator shared hosting page
Hostgator Shared Hosting

Hostgator is another great hosting company that also gives you 1 FREE domain & SSL certificate with any of their packages.

You can create an unlimited number of websites in “Baby Plan.” The “Hatchling Plan” allows you to create only one website but gives you a free SSL certificate (including subdomains).

If you’re on a tight budget, then you can use their “Hatchling Plan.”


No matter if you’re creating a static HTML website or a WordPress website, the shared hosting plans are good for beginners. Once you have more than 5K traffic on your website, then you can upgrade your plans or switch or migrate your website to a different hosting at any time.

Disclaimer: This post contains a few affiliate links. If you buy hosting through the affiliate links, it will not cost you any extra but I will (may) get a commission.