screenshot windows

You can take a screenshot on Windows computers in two simple steps that may take you less than 10 seconds.

Step-1: Press the “PrtScr” (Print Screen key)

First, press the “PrtScr” button. You will find this button on the top-right edge of the keyboard (between F12 & Insert button).

For further clarification, see the screenshot below:

Windows keyboard
Hit/press the “PrtScr” button

Step-2: Paste it on the “Paint” app

Paint is a default app on Windows that allows you to capture & edit pictures and drawings. Since it is installed by default, so you don’t have to download & install it manually.

Windows Paint app
Open the Paint app

Go to the “Start” menu on your Windows computer (bottom-left edge). Open the “Paint” app and hit “Ctrl + V” to paste your clipboard (picture).

That’s it!

Not to mention, you can also paste the screenshot on other graphic software like Photoshop.