HR process infographic

It’s a bid proposal that clearly describes the whole offering. A freelancing proposal includes the following (generally):

Below I have attached screenshots of the Fiverr & Upwork proposal as an example:

How to write the proposals

Buyers post their requirements (jobs) on freelancing platforms and freelancers who are qualified for those jobs can write the proposals.

To write a proposal, the freelancer describes his/her offering in a couple of sentences.

For example, how the freelancer can help the client, past work samples, why the client should hire him/her, etc.

Showing exciting proof of work
Showing exciting proof of past work samples

And then the freelancer defines some scope of work, the price or hourly rate, etc.

The most important part is the description of a proposal. After checking the description, Your prospect takes the decision whether to contact back or not.

If you want to see a sample of a winning proposal, you can check the link below. Though I have written the proposal for Fiverr, you can use the same template for Upwork and other freelancing platforms.

At the bottom of the post, you will get a downloadable PDF that contains a sample proposal.


The proposals are a great weapon to get sales on freelancing marketplaces. A great proposal should contain those words that your buyers are curious to know about.

Buyers don’t read copy-paste proposals or boring ones. After reading a proposal, the prospect/buyer makes the decision whether to contact back or not.