No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, the best freelancing job is the field that you enjoy & love to work with.

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If you’re looking for the easiest freelancing job, the competition will be high enough and the earnings/rate will be very low.

Also, if you start freelancing without much thinking & choosing an appropriate niche, it will be time-wasting if you change your field in the future.


However, below I have listed some of the niches for your brainstorming.

Freelancing jobs that you can begin with:

As a beginner, you can pick any niche/category from the above list. And go with only one and don’t focus on multiple sectors.

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What about the easiest freelance job?

You may already know Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, etc. These are the easiest freelance jobs. And anything that is related to virtual assistance will be treated as an easy job.

But these types of jobs do not have good rates.

Anyone who knows computers may also know these easy tasks. And that is why anyone can start freelancing with these very easily. As a result, the competition is high & very hard to land a job in this field.

Another big problem is you won’t be able to increase your rate in the future (mostly).

Because your clients & prospects may also know it and they just don’t have to do it themselves for the sake of time. As a result, most of them may choose to hire a newbie instead of higher-rated virtual assistants.


If you’re a beginner and thinking to start a freelancing job, choose a field that you love to work. No matter if it’s writing, graphic design, web design, or something else.

If you like the job and if you are curious enough to learn more about it, then go for it.

But if you start freelancing with data entry and if you want to change your field to programming after a year, that will be a huge wastage of your time, effort & reputation.

On the other hand, if you pick a niche just for the sake of high income and if you don’t like the work, then you will feel disappointed very soon.

So before you start freelancing, pick a job or niche that is best according to your curiosity.