Freelancing on mobile

Of course not. You do need a computer in order to work as a freelancer.

However, you can use a mobile phone to enhance your freelance communications. For example, you can install marketplace apps to quickly reply on the go.

Almost every freelancing website or marketplace have their own apps for mobile. You can install their apps on your phone. By using the mobile app, you can get the following advantages:

These are some basic advantages you can get from mobile phones that will enhance your freelance experience. It will make you a better communicator & help you to land more jobs.

But in order to do the actual job or complete the task, you must need a computer.

What social media people are thinking about freelancing on mobile?

If you want to succeed in your freelance career, stop listening to gurus right now.

If you observe deeply, you’ll see that the number of advisors is greater than the number of fellows.

It is very easy to advise other people but it’s very difficult to DIY (do it yourself).

Back in 2020, I saw an inspirational (so-called) post on Twitter. The guy who posted had thousands of followers. His post shows that a Nigerian guy learned to program using a Nokia feature phone.

A guy who claims himself programmer without having computer
A so-called inspirational post on Twitter.

However, my point is not to underestimate anyone. I am showing you both the myths and the truth.

Many people on social media are misleading others. And most of their post is designed to get likes, comments, and shares. Look at the picture below (how many views & upvotes got this post):

Someone's opinion about freelancing from mobile
Someone’s opinion (answer) on Quora

That’s enough for the sake of demonstrating people’s myth about freelancing on mobile.


Not all people have the ability to get a computer as soon as they want or need it. But almost every person has a mobile phone.

And if you are the person who is struggling for getting a computer, I would advise you to be patient & try to have a computer in the near future. Even if it’s possible then borrow from someone else in your friends & family.

But do not hope or try to do freelancing on mobile. Because it will lead both you & your client into a problem.

Also, it will slow down your learning curve and keep you away from doing real-world practicing.

Every learning platform works on mobile but the course itself needs a computer and internet connection to be able to learn & practice.

And the same thing is also true about freelancing websites or marketplaces. You can communicate through mobile but the actual freelancing work will require a computer.