You don’t need any degree to start freelancing. The only thing you need is skills.

However, having a university degree doesn’t hurt but it’s not mandatory for joining any freelance marketplaces or starting your own freelancing business.

For anyone’s freelance career, success depends on the outcome of their work or expertise. If the clients become benefited from your work, they will never hesitate to hire you again or recommend you to their friends & families. No matter if you have degrees or not.

On the opposite, if a freelancer has a higher degree and if the freelancer provides below-standard work, the clients will not bother hiring him/her.

Does the degree helpful for freelancing?

Of course, it is but it’s not mandatory to have. On the freelancing websites, the degrees are just the titles and it has no direct impact on your freelance career. Think of your past work samples (portfolio) and reviews as the main degrees on the freelance marketplaces.

Reviews on freelancing websites
Your portfolio & reviews work better than degrees in the freelance marketplaces.

You’ll find an education field on any freelancing website when you create an account. But it’s is optional to fill out the education field.

In my personal experience, I did not fill the education field in the first 2/3 years (on a freelancing marketplace). And I was a top-rated freelancer without showing any educational background. And any clients never asked me about my certifications. All they wanted to know that how I can help them.

But if you ask me, I will advise you to fill out the education fields if you have degrees in the related fields that you’re working in. For example, if you do web design or programming and if you have a master’s degree in “Psychology”, then it’s better to not mention the degree.

To wrap up

Degrees are always beneficial but it’s not mandatory in freelance marketplaces. If your degrees are aligned with the field of work, then you should definitely highlight the degree. Otherwise, it’s better to avoid showcasing irrelevant degrees because it may make your clients think twice to hire you. Instead, highlight your past work samples over the degree.