A freelancer is working

On average, 50 – 100 USD per month. And even many beginner freelancers end up with nothing. However, as you may know, the earnings depend on various things. And it does not apply to everyone equally.

But if you start your freelancing wisely, then it’s possible to earn $(500 – 1000)/month from the 2nd/3rd month.

8 common mistakes that become an income barrier for newbies

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  1. Unable to ask required & specific questions to the prospects.
  2. Crazyness about getting reviews.
  3. Starting with the lowest price possible.
  4. Wasting time promoting their services in the wrong manner.
  5. Do not have the proper skillset.
  6. Unable to showcase past work samples.
  7. Wasting time with the wrong people (prospects).
  8. Focus on multiple niches.

Some of these links (reference) are related to specific freelancing websites but those are also applicable to other freelance marketplaces.

Is freelancing well for beginners?

Freelancers are working

Everyone has to start from a certain point. And every expert was a beginner when they started out. So freelancing is not bad for beginners.

Moreover, for people who don’t like 9-5 regular jobs, then freelancing could be a great choice for them.

However, before you start freelancing, make sure you choose the field that you love to work in. And do not start freelancing just for the sake of earning money.

Keep in mind, if you are skilled enough, the money is logical & will come to you.

Do freelancers make good money?

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Only a very small portion of freelancers make good money, approximate 5% to 10% of total freelancers’ earnings are very good.

On the other hand, a large number of freelancers put their highest effort into promoting their profiles & gigs on social media platforms. And most of them end up with unhappiness & literally very less income.

To be able to earn a good amount of money, you have to put your highest effort into gaining skills.

Can you make a living by freelance?

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Of course, you can. It just matters how well are you doing. If you’re skillful, easy to accessible & findable, then you’re good to go.

I don’t know about you, but I left my regular job and started freelancing. And while I am writing this article, it’s almost 6 years I have been managing my living through freelancing.

However, if you’re also thinking about the same, make sure you have at least 6 months of backup money before you switch your career from regular jobs to freelancing.

Sum up

The earnings of beginner freelancers vary depending on their individual skills, level of expertise, marketing experience, and also the place where they live. These also have some exceptions but exceptions are not the standard. A beginner freelancer can definitely earn more than an old freelancer if the newbie has a better skill set.